Scrypt ASIC Revolution 2014

What is real and what is good when it comes to ASICs?

Here's the current situation with some low-end miners that I can afford

1. GAW Fury/ Zeus Blizzard. Winner by Price/Kh/s. These are the same Zeus hardware, just different brands. Possibly produced at different locations. I set these with clocks at 340 for 1.5 Mh/s. Price: $39.99 => 37.5 Kh/s/$. 0.06 Watt/Kh/s

2. Gridseed Blade. Winner by Watt/Kh/s. 80-chip version of the Gridseed "Mini", and has two panels with 2.6 Mh/s on each panel for a total of 5.2 Mh/s. Requires 120 Watts. Price: $179.99 => 29.05 Kh/s/$.  0.023 Watt/Kh/s

3. Gridseed 5-chip miners. 1st. generation miners that also does SHA256. This mode reqires 60 Watts and are not cost effective for regular multipooling. Scrypt-only mode uses about 9 watts and so this is starting to get expensive to run.I have seen two models of this one: the copper-colored sink and the silver-colored sink. For some reason the silver one seems to perform better, and takes more OC. I run at about 367 Kh/s with clocks 850,875 and 920 on my own three.  Price: 19.95 => 18.34 Kh/s/$. 0.024 Watt/Kh/s


1. Antminer U1/U2. Do not buy, I got 3 of these just before the Gridseeds came. They do about 2.1 Gh/s and are next to worhless. They use about 9 Watts and needs a good powered USB hub. They are currently at around 19.95 and a waste of time.

Posting resumes

Its been while since last post! Deleting a few old ones, and some new ones coming up.


New LTC commodity exchange opens, cloud LTC hashing just got serious!

Many crypto fans has been mining at cex.io and scrypt.cc, but now comes the best of each of them wrapped into one: LTC cloud mining with a eerily familiar interface.

As LTC was just added to huobi while cex.io just got a pure LTC mining pool after a week of 1.25x and 2x bonus awards as well, and with LTC clound hashing at markets.cx, LTC is gaining momentum.

All those three links are referral links, btw, so if you sign up, I get some trading bonuses from the services. (does not cost you). You can then refer users for personal bonus.

I worked out that selling my khash at scrypt.cc gave me BTC 0.64 and then I exchanged LTC 22.3 at cryptsy and then sent that to markets.cx deposits. I went from 440 khash on scrypt.cc to 1012 khash on markets.cx :) That is rather sweet.