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Gaming: PS2 on HDMI trough your computer!

So you have all these cool PS2 games but you have no hardware that supports a composite cable anymore, do you? No, all you have is HDMI, DVI and maybe VGA. Well there's a reasonable solution to all this!

I got something called EasyCap, which is a capturing device that goes into the a USB2 port. On the installation disk is drivers and Ulead Visual Studio. The serial code is printed on the CD.

Here's how it looks: (the black cable is a S-Video cable)

The only drawback with this cheap device is that the sound capture chip only does 8Khz mono. So what i did was attach a female-to-two-male cable from the PlayStation into my stereo. Here's my Visio skillz for the schematics:

BAM, you get good sound. They look like this: (Obviously they probably need to be longer!)

So far I have not been able to get a widescreen live capture going on in Ulead Visual Studio, but it might be some configuration thing somewhere (The program asks you on startup if you want 16:9). Maybe it is EasyCap that can't do 16:9.

Anyway, the 4:3 picture I got on the 27" 1920x1080 from the humble PS2 was at least very impressive.


Lore: 90's copyparties

(Updated May 17th 2012)

I was introduced to the scene sometime in the late 80's and a friend of mine knew a couple of coders that he introduced me to. They helped me step from BASIC to assembler, and after that I was hooked on coding. On aminet page, you can find some pruductions. The demo 'Response' got 2nd place at TG95. I my self won some animation compo with a funny and brutal stick-figure animation. (made in DeluxePaint II) This anim was called 'Kjell og Bjarne tar kvelden'. This anim actually exists in two versions: the original and an extended version. I don't even own a copy of these anims myself anymore, so I'd appreciate if someone could provide those anims in a PC-viewable format. If you by any chance should have this old IFF anim from the Amiga or more preferably a conversion to a PC format. (But even an MPG will do, like our runner-up in the demo compo in 1995. I made two versions, the first version were realeased on the Razor 1911/IMP 666 party in Arendal, Norway in 1993. I also won a Useless Utility compo with a program that made the user decide wether the monitor was color or b/w. Wow! My first group was the Mad Skull Crew; founded by me and the friend spoken of above. He used to call himself Raven. (RIP, he is now gone from this world) We had C64's with Action Replay and the Final Cartridge. We made some silly demos with these. I was member of Euroswap for a short time before I joined a bunch of Archimedes coders that knew Some people in Violence i teamed up with  ('You can't feel the beating!'). Then later I co-founded Avalon together with 3 friends. Avalon had as many as 10 members at the most. If you're an old scener who remembers the Crusaders and Cryptoburners and still like text based BBS's, we'we probably met, since I was on virtually every party in Scandinavia in the late 80's and early 90's.

1. Parallax+CNCD   11 136
2. Avalon          2  133 
3. The Black Lotus 10 110 

I'll post more pictures as i find them.