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3/10/14 Profit Analysis

What is ? In the same way that you can rent SHA256-based ASIC mining power at, you can rent scrypt-based computers at a per-Kh/s rate. This site mines various Altcoins and exchanges them for BTC for you. You can then withdraw that BTC at any time.

This is just a preliminary analysis of the potential income on so far. I've been renting hash power there for about a month now, and it looks fairly good.

It is a fairly new website, and it is under development. They plan to add more control to the users, for example to choose which types of coins to mine.

When I joined, the stock price was B0.00144, but when sold out, prices rose to the B0.00155 range.
The income varies a lot. You get mining rewards every 10 minutes, like this:

Mining rewards are paid every 10 minutes. For me, at my speed, it varies between 0.0000100 and 0.0000300.
This is just the raw data logged for 5 days
The BTC income on that list can vary up to 200%, so I spent a week logging the estimated income from the dashboard. 

The 'Conclusion so far' column shows my own monthly estimate, while the average estimate is under the ' Profits Average' column. As you can see, we differ by just B0.001.

The reason I am interested in renting is because summer is coming, and I cannot justify keeping 1000 watts running just for mining. That is only worth it during winter. Want to sign up at ? Just click that banner. It's a referral banner that will get me a little extra bonus. And so will you if you pass on you own referral link. The site is a bit unclear as to where the bonus comes from; some people thought it came from the referee's own money but the devs themselves clarifed this in a chat with me. The bonus comes from the pool itself ! So don't worry!