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Gaming: PS2 on HDMI trough your computer!

So you have all these cool PS2 games but you have no hardware that supports a composite cable anymore, do you? No, all you have is HDMI, DVI and maybe VGA. Well there's a reasonable solution to all this!

I got something called EasyCap, which is a capturing device that goes into the a USB2 port. On the installation disk is drivers and Ulead Visual Studio. The serial code is printed on the CD.

Here's how it looks: (the black cable is a S-Video cable)

The only drawback with this cheap device is that the sound capture chip only does 8Khz mono. So what i did was attach a female-to-two-male cable from the PlayStation into my stereo. Here's my Visio skillz for the schematics:

BAM, you get good sound. They look like this: (Obviously they probably need to be longer!)

So far I have not been able to get a widescreen live capture going on in Ulead Visual Studio, but it might be some configuration thing somewhere (The program asks you on startup if you want 16:9). Maybe it is EasyCap that can't do 16:9.

Anyway, the 4:3 picture I got on the 27" 1920x1080 from the humble PS2 was at least very impressive.


Tech: PC building and casemod

PC mechanix

Useful Things you can do to your box:

* Add silencing isolation. Havent done that yet.
* Add special silent PSU fan(s) Not done that either!
* Install a control panel for adjusting fan speeds:

* Add water cooling to the CPU. Water near my CPU? Nope.

* Install heatsinks on RAM and hardisks. Here's my RAM heatsink:

* Generally install as many fans as you can.

 That was my twin top 120mm fans, a rear blue led 120mm fan and lastly an 80mm fan (should have been 140) green led fan on the bottom, and a red led 120mm fan in the front.

Cool but maybe not Useful Things you can do to your box:

* Install neonlight everwhere (bulbs mounted on transparent CPU heaksinks are awesome)
* Use neon-wire in ie. your keyboard
* Make own fan-grills
* Install glass doors/walls: This came standard on my CoolerMaster HAF 922 Tower. I rather prefer heat outtakes on the sides, but this tower has so many outtakes that the glass wall is worth it!