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Ultimate Boot CD

UBCD is perfect when you just installed the newest Ubuntu with GRUB2, which happily kills all other Linux partition MBR's and installs it self as the sole booting OS. It doesn't even try to detect GRUB partitions! This is absurd. With this console-based CD you can fix most partition woes, but I was not able to restore Linux partitions on logical partitions. I had the following partition setup:

UBCD Homepage:

sda1 (Primary, bootable) WinXP
sda2 (Extended)
sda5 (Logic) Slackware
sda8 (Logic)Windows 7
sda6 (Logic, bootable (on an extended partition??)Ubuntu 8.04
sda7 (Logic)Linux Swap

After I installed Ubuntu 11.04 it suddenly had shifted some partitions up one step and created a new unused partition, even no resizing or partition changes where made in the installer other than setting sda6 as home partition.

sda1 (Primary, bootable) WinXP
sda2 (Extended)
sda4 (Logic)Unused Partition
sda5 (Logic)Ubuntu 11.04
sda6 (Logic)Windows 7
sda7 (Logic, bootable)Ubuntu 8.04
sda8 (Logic)Linux Swap

Later I tried to install Linux Mint 5 (based on Ubuntu 8.04) over 11.04 to get a new GRUB, but to no avail. (It thinks the partitions are invalid).

Also tried Testdisk to restore MBR from backup sectors, but that made all partition unreadable. So I had to revert.

So I am stuck booting into Windows via UBCD's Super GRUB Disk. If I try to boot into a Linux partition I get 'unbootable partition', I can only boot into Windows 7's bootloader, wich happily let's me boot into XP too.

If anyone has ideas about what is wrong, please comment.