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Ultraviolet LED's

So I got a pack of Sparkfun LED's and some UV LED's on the side. A little investigation led to the conclusion that the separate LED's are rather superflous. It turns out the 'violet' LED's in the Sparkfun pack have the exact same wavelength as the LED's sold separately.

They are both of the class called 'UVA' which goes from 400 – 315 nm. The separate LED's do however seem to be a bit brigther. Also the construction itself of the two differ a tiny bit - we are talking sub-millimetre and fractions of degrees.

Here's a table of UV wavelengths, ripped right out of Wikipedia.
UltravioletUV400 – 100 nm3.10 – 12.4 eV
Ultraviolet AUVA400 – 315 nm3.10 – 3.94 eVlong wave, black light
Ultraviolet BUVB315 – 280 nm3.94 – 4.43 eVmedium wave
Ultraviolet CUVC280 – 100 nm4.43 – 12.4 eVshort wave, germicidal
Near UltravioletNUV400 – 300 nm3.10 – 4.13 eVvisible to birds, insects and fish
Middle UltravioletMUV300 – 200 nm4.13 – 6.20 eV
Far UltravioletFUV200 – 122 nm6.20 – 10.16 eV
Hydrogen Lyman-alphaH Lyman-α122 – 121 nm10.16– 10.25 eV
Extreme UltravioletEUV121 – 10 nm10.25 – 124 eV
Vacuum UltravioletVUV200 – 10 nm6.20 – 124 eV


My new gaming rig!

CoolerMaster HAF 922 bigtower with built in glass panel side

2x 120mm fans on top. I managed to break a blade on the original 200x200x3 fan! Have a spare fan you want to donate?! :D
  • Gigabyte FXA990 UD7
  • Intel 80GB SSD disk for system
  • Samsung 160Gb SATA disk for data (I also moved all User directories to this drive to save space on the SSD. I can teach you how if you want!)
  • 16 Gb 1600 Mhz RAM
  • Phenom II X6 1100T CPU
  • 2x Sapphire Radeon 6790 in Crossfire
  • NXZT 5-fan controller
  • Kingston dual fan RAM cooler
  • Noctua SE CPU fan
  • Gbit Ethernet with 9K Jumbo frames
  • 24" BenQ HDMI LCD
  • Manually BIOS-overclocked to 220 FSB. (So RAM goes as 1740 and CPU at 3.3Ghz I think.
  • 2x 250GB Hitachi SATA 3.0Gbit in RAID0 on the Marvell ports
  • 1x 320GB Hitachi SATA Deskstar 3.0Gbit
  • 2x USB3 ports
  • 7.1 Surround
  • 6x USB2 ports with 2x power
  • ESATA connector
  • Corsair 750W V1 PSU

Front View

At the most, this monster draws about 500 Watts and seems to run smoothly.
One thing, the 6790 cards can be safely overclocked to 880 core speed, but do NOT mess with the Memory Speed clocks. That will get you BSODS. Also, I dont think it's completely stable on core speed 900Mhz.

A little note about the 6790 and CrossFire, it seems that you need to restart CrossFire before starting any games about half the time. Otherwise I get a flickering screen 50% of the time.

I am running Sapphire Trixx and enabled card syncing and disabled UPLS. That is supposed to do the trick. But not always it seems.

Also, if you happen to buy this motherboard and you have a Phenom II X4 960T, it will actually fit in the AM3 slot and works perfectly if your mobo has BIOS v7 or newer. (the 960T is the last of it's kind to do this. It has *both* DDR2 and DDR3 memory controllers.

I broke my 960T and had to get a new one, thats why I have a 1100T. But I fixed the broken pin on the 960T and put it back into it't proper AM2+ motherboard!