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Bitcoin mining and profits in the post-homemining era

Bitcoin mining at home is dead. It went completely dead around summer 2013. The rise of ASIC mining has left everyone in the dust.

Luckily there are alternavtive digital coins, so called 'altcoins', and these are mined using traditional GPU rigs and doesn't use 'SHA256' hashing like Bitcoin and it's direct siblings. They use an hashing algorithm called 'scrypt' that is somewhat resistant to ASIC mining.

Depending on the exchange rates and hashing power that goes into the various altcoin mining, it is more profitable to mine certain altcoins at certain times.
Check out for an overview of the profitability of some alt coins.
At the moment, Dogecoin seems to be on the rise, and is over 2.5 times more profitable to mine than LTC. Want to Dogetip me ? Go right ahead, my crypto coin tips adresses are to the right clolumn,

If you are good at jumping pools, you can still scoop 0.01-0.02 BTC each day with about 1Mh/s of equipment.

Power is expensive, but right now in the winter, I would still need 2000-3000 watts to keep my apartment warm. Now I am heating my place with about 2000 watts of GPU and CPU mining. So in that sense, during winter, mining is pure profit. Keeps the place warm and makes me money too.

There are also a coin called PrimeCoin (aka XPM) that are mined only by CPU power. You can mine with a pool or solo mine with a highly optimized wallet.

You can exchange certain coins for other coins on exchanges like Cryptsy and even buy cloud mining at places like CEX. If you sign up to those two places and start trading from these links right here, I get a referral bonus too :)

Other good coin exchanges are BTC-e, Vircurex

AMD cards are still king of coin mining, but the newer CUDA miners can squeeze a lot more out of Nvidia cards today. My GTX 660 used to mine at 90 k/hs, with the new miner out now, it spiked to 180. I get about 0.15 BTC and 0.010 XPM daily. This money I invest in cloud mining for the long term.

cgminer flags (GUI-miner scrypt edition)
All at intensity 17. 16 Adjust after your liking. Intensity 18 will give me about 10-20% invalid shares. 17 about 5-10. 16 seems to approach around 1-2%.

Thread concurrency should be you memory divided by 32kb.
--shaders: specify the number of shaders in your unit. (notice two --)
-w flag: set worksize. usually 256 seems to work best on all cards.
-v flag: set to 1 to use GPU vectors for speed boost.

CUDA miner flags:
-H flag: Set to 1 to borrow some CPU for 10% mining boost.
-C flag: set to 1 to use texture cache
-l flag: specify kernel and warp configuration. Just use auto.

At the moment, my mining rigs are as follows:


185 kh/s: GTX 660 (Gigabyte factory OC'd)
90 kh/s: GTX 550 TI (Gigabyte)
144 kh/s: Radeon 7750 (Sapphire fanless)
96 kh/s: Radeon 7750 (Gigabyte with fan)
198 kh/s: Radeon 6790
198 kh/s: Radeon 6790
283 kh/s: Radeon 6870
30 kh/s: BeaverCreek APU
30 kh/s: Caicos APU

CPU mining (XPM):

0.044 chains/d :AMD 1100T (0.050+ idle)
0.020 chains/d :AMD 960T (1 core disabled, too hot)
0.022 0.008 chains/d :Intel Core Duo
0.010 chains/d:AMD A6 APU
0.002 chains/d:Celeron M

Update: It appears that when you find a prime higher difficulty prime, you get a bigger share unlike regular mining. Awesome :D

Also, check for solo ming tips


Metallica Roskilde 86 2nd gen complete

 Just had to grab the opportunity to grab one of the most prized Metallica bootlegs ever: The *complete 2nd gen copy* of the Roskilde 86 show. (The 1st gen is destined to go with the taper to the grave and will *never ever* be released.)
From the left:
Dual DVD transfers of Toronto and Quebec 86
Germany 85 Remade with multiple audio
The Green one there: 2n gen Roskilde DVD!

Some jewels: (From the left)
California: Anaheim 86 (Jasons's 2nd show, uncorrupted version)
New York: Uniondale 86 1st gen LPCM audio
Sweden, Frødalundborg: 1987 Remade with as much SBD as we could find

Various, including a Roam tour rehearsal proshot

And heres an overview of the whole collection
(Yeah right like I even printed out 10% of what i have) :) :) :)

Interested in trading: Check my trading list (a bit out of date, will update soonish as all the veterans are releasing their stuff before Metfuk goes down)

Leave a comment if you're interested!

Here's some more pics:


Trading: Metallica bootlegs

More Metallica Bootlegs
Here's a photo of some of my Metallica bootleg collection.
I've got atleast 20-30 covers/inlays with DVD's in them and around 20-30 new shows since last post! Please visit my trading page (URL in link below). Earlier bootleg picture post here.

Some of the audio directories!

And that's just the audio that I've sorted yet! I claim that i have the biggest Metallica bootleg collection in Norway.