Link: Metallica bootlegs

Being a Metallica fanatic and bootleg collector, I've got an account over at etree.org. Check out my extensive collection! Wanna trade something ? Let me know! I have about 400 Gb of Metallica FLACs and DVDs now, and of those I guess about 25 DVDs of them are put into nice looking DVD covers with art from metcoverart.com. Every case has one backup in it as well. Planning to print inlays for my FLAC CD's as well. Some specs for DVD covers: Width = 278mm (Width = 272mm + 3mm bleed left + 3mm bleed Right) Hight = 190mm (Hight = 184mm + 3mm bleed top + 3mm bleed bottom) Some specs for CD covers: Width = 127mm (Width = 121mm + 3mm bleed left + 3mm bleed Right) Hight = 126mm (Hight = 120mm + 3mm bleed top + 3mm bleed bottom) (Taken from this site) Remember to not buy slim covers! Here's some Metallica demo material for you to check out. If i should mention the essential top 3 Metallica bootleg material, it would be: 1. Moscow 1991. Superior performance, great sound, great solos, great voice. Perfect. 2. Uniondale 1986. Best sounding Cliff-era material on video in circulation. 3. The Real No Life Till Leather (Mustaine era, his Jump in the Fire solo kicks Kirk's ass) Bonus: 1. Exodus demo tapes from 1982 with founder Kirk Hammett!


Tab: Manic Depression

I could spend a whole day tabbing all the small details here. There are palm mutes,slides and sublte hammer/pulls.... go figure..this is the main melody anyway. By me.

e ------------|----------|-----------
b ------------|----------|-----------
g ------------|----------|-----------
d -------5-6-7|---7p5-7p5|-(4x)---
a -5-6-7------|-0-0---0--|------------
E ------------|----------|-----------

e ---------------------------------
b ---------------------------------
g ---------------------------------
d -------------------------------
a -0-4-7---2-5-5-6-7-(4x part again)----
E -------3--------------------------
e ---------------------------------
b ---------------------------------
g ---------------------------------
d -----0----------------------------
a ---2-----2-5--5--4-5--4-5--2-3--2-3--2-3-2-------------0--
E -0-----3-----------------------------------3-2-3-2-3-2-----

e ---------------------------------
b --5---5----5---5--------------
g --7b9-7b9--7b9-7b9-------------------
d ---------------------------------
a -0--------0------------------------
E ---------------------------------

Tab: Golden Origo

Ok, this little classical piece is used alot by Metallica on tour before entering the stage. Its a real gem, only 1:48 long. By me . Here follows the melody line, but it could really do with some flavouring chords here and there.
e --------
b --------
g --------
d -9-10---
a ------7-
E -------- x8

e ------------------------------------------
b -------8----------------------------------
g ---9~~---9~~--7-9-7---9-7---9-7-----------
d -7------------------7-----7-----7-7-9-7~~-
a ------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------

e -------7-----------------------------
b ---------8~~---8------------8--------
g ---9~~-------9---9-7----7-9------7-9-
d -7-------------------10-------10-----
a -------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------
(ok... last 2 lines again)

e ------------------------------------------7-10-8-10-
b -------8-----------------------10-8~~---9-----------
g ---9~~---9~~--7-9-7---9-7---10--------9-------------
d -7------------------7-----7-------------------------
a ----------------------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------

Tab: Anitra's Dance

Anitra's Dance

e -------------------------------------------
b -15-12----------12-15-12----------12----12-
g -------14-12-14----------14-12-14----14----
d -------------------------------------------
a -------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------

e ----------12----12---------------
b -15-12-15----12----15-12---------
g -------------------------14-12---
d ---------------------------------
a ---------------------------------
E ---------------------------------

e ----------12----12-14------------
b -15-12-15----12-------16-14------
g ----------------------------16---
d ---------------------------------
a ---------------------------------
E ---------------------------------

Tab: Brothers in Arms

Please, note, this is not complete, but has most parts covered. This represents my personal interpretation of the song, and may only be used non-commercially. Not that difficult to play, but you‘ll need to put some feeling into it. Timing not represented, and you’ll have to add vibrato at proper places. Everything should be here (it’s a lot to learn!), including the fade-outro as far as I could hear it. This song is a real beauty, and it’s awsome to play when you get it right! Offcourse, there are mistakes here, and I know about some of them too, especially the two-string chords(the distortion distorted me too). Feel free to correct them. (But let me know about it!) Some parts may be more or less correct to play at other frets, with respect to the sound, but I usually stay around fret 12. Tune down to Db. (half step) Synth intro (F and Em) Notation: 7s9 slide 7h9 hammer 9p7 pull 7b9 bend 9b7 prebend (or release) x mute xs pick slide | these bars separate the parts/riffs pm palm mute

Intro (Synth part goes in Em and F.)



Verse 1







1st. solo (well, it’s all a kind of solo)





2nd. solo



Last solo

Outro ( ?????????

??? ????????????




bend delay
1/4 ----------

almost mute these notes
here too

Tab: Hall of the Mountain King

Two famous songs composed by the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. This is loosely how I would play it on guitar.
The original name of the first songs is "Dovregubbens Hall".

by the most exellent norwegian composer: Edvard Grieg!
(Tabbed this from a classic record. Make the best of this!)
By me.

e -----------------|--------------------
b -----------------|--------------------
g -----------------|---------------------
d -----------------|----7----7----7----7-
a ---9---9---9---9-|----------------------
E -7---7---7---7---|-10---10---10---10------

Riff 1
e -----------------------------------------------------------------
b -----------------------------------------------------------------
g -----------------------------------------------------------------
d -------------------------------------------------9-7--------7-----
a -------7--9---9--8---8--7---7-----------7-9----9-----9----9-------
E -7-9-10----10------9------8-------7-9-10----10---------10---------

Riff 2
e -------------------------------------------
b ------------------------------------------
g --------------------------------------------
d ---------9--11--11--12--12--11--11------
a -8-11-13------13------13------13--------
E -------------------------------------------

e -------------------------------------------
b ------------------------------------------
g --------------------------------------------
d ---------9--11--11--13--13--11--11------
a -8-11-13------13------13------13--------
E -------------------------------------------

e -------------------------------------------
b ------------------------------------------
g --------------------------------------------
d ---------9--11--11--12--12--11~~--------
a -8-11-13------13------13--------------
E -------------------------------------------

Ok, these are the main notes.
I found it funny to play solo with a ’india-feel’ to riff 2!

Tab: Intro to Damage Inc.

These are the guitar chords that go with the Cliff's bass intro. I really like this progression!

D Bm C G A G Bm A


Coding: TLD's

TLD list

Country Codes and Internet Top Level domains - ISO-3166

.AD Andorra

.AE United Arab Emirates

.AF Afghanistan

.AG Antigua and Barbuda

.AI Anguilla

.AL Albania

.AM Armenia

.AN Netherlands Antilles

.AO Angola

.AQ Antarctica

.AR Argentina

.AS American Samoa

.AT Austria

.AU Australia

.AW Aruba

.AZ Azerbaijan

.BA Bosnia and Herzegovina

.BB Barbados

.BD Bangladesh

.BE Belgium

.BF Burkina Faso

.BG Bulgaria

.BH Bahrain

.BI Burundi

.BJ Benin

.BM Bermuda

.BN Brunei Darussalam

.BO Bolivia

.BR Brazil

.BS Bahamas

.BT Bhutan

.BV Bouvet Island

.BW Botswana

.BY Belarus

.BZ Belize

.CA Canada

.CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands

.CF Central African Republic

.CG Congo

.CH Switzerland

.CI Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

.CK Cook Islands

.CL Chile

.CM Cameroon

.CN China

.CO Colombia

.CR Costa Rica

.CS Czechoslovakia (former)

.CU Cuba

.CV Cape Verde

.CX Christmas Island

.CY Cyprus

.CZ Czech Republic

.DE Germany

.DJ Djibouti

.DK Denmark

.DM Dominica

.DO Dominican Republic

.DZ Algeria

.EC Ecuador

.EE Estonia

.EG Egypt

.EH Western Sahara

.ER Eritrea

.ES Spain

.ET Ethiopia

.FI Finland

.FJ Fiji

.FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

.FM Micronesia

.FO Faroe Islands

.FR France

.FX France, Metropolitan

.GA Gabon

.GB Great Britain (UK)

.GD Grenada

.GE Georgia

.GF French Guiana

.GH Ghana

.GI Gibraltar

.GL Greenland

.GM Gambia

.GN Guinea

.GP Guadeloupe

.GQ Equatorial Guinea

.GR Greece

.GS S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls.

.GT Guatemala

.GU Guam

.GW Guinea-Bissau

.GY Guyana

.HK Hong Kong

.HM Heard and McDonald Islands

.HN Honduras

.HR Croatia (Hrvatska)

.HT Haiti

.HU Hungary

.ID Indonesia

.IE Ireland

.IL Israel

.IN India

.IO British Indian Ocean Territory

.IQ Iraq

.IR Iran

.IS Iceland

.IT Italy

.JM Jamaica

.JO Jordan

.JP Japan

.KE Kenya

.KG Kyrgyzstan

.KH Cambodia

.KI Kiribati

.KM Comoros

.KN Saint Kitts and Nevis

.KP Korea (North)

.KR Korea (South)

.KW Kuwait

.KY Cayman Islands

.KZ Kazakhstan

.LA Laos

.LB Lebanon

.LC Saint Lucia

.LI Liechtenstein

.LK Sri Lanka

.LR Liberia

.LS Lesotho

.LT Lithuania

.LU Luxembourg

.LV Latvia

.LY Libya

.MA Morocco

.MC Monaco

.MD Moldova

.MG Madagascar

.MH Marshall Islands

.MK Macedonia

.ML Mali

.MM Myanmar

.MN Mongolia

.MO Macau

.MP Northern Mariana Islands

.MQ Martinique

.MR Mauritania

.MS Montserrat

.MT Malta

.MU Mauritius

.MV Maldives

.MW Malawi

.MX Mexico

.MY Malaysia

.MZ Mozambique

.NA Namibia

.NC New Caledonia

.NE Niger

.NF Norfolk Island

.NG Nigeria

.NI Nicaragua

.NL Netherlands

.NO Norway

.NP Nepal

.NR Nauru

.NT Neutral Zone

.NU Niue

.NZ New Zealand (Aotearoa)

.OM Oman

.PA Panama

.PE Peru

.PF French Polynesia

.PG Papua New Guinea

.PH Philippines

.PK Pakistan

.PL Poland

.PM St. Pierre and Miquelon

.PN Pitcairn

.PR Puerto Rico

.PT Portugal

.PW Palau

.PY Paraguay

.QA Qatar

.RE Reunion

.RO Romania

.RU Russian Federation

.RW Rwanda

.SA Saudi Arabia

.Sb Solomon Islands

.SC Seychelles

.SD Sudan

.SE Sweden

.SG Singapore

.SH St. Helena

.SI Slovenia

.SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands

.SK Slovak Republic

.SL Sierra Leone

.SM San Marino

.SN Senegal

.SO Somalia

.SR Suriname

.ST Sao Tome and Principe

.SU USSR (former)

.SV El Salvador

.SY Syria

.SZ Swaziland

.TC Turks and Caicos Islands

.TD Chad

.TF French Southern Territories

.TG Togo

.TH Thailand

.TJ Tajikistan

.TK Tokelau

.TM Turkmenistan

.TN Tunisia

.TO Tonga

.TP East Timor

.TR Turkey

.TT Trinidad and Tobago

.TV Tuvalu

.TW Taiwan

.TZ Tanzania

.UA Ukraine

.UG Uganda

.UK United Kingdom

.UM US Minor Outlying Islands

.US United States

.UY Uruguay

.UZ Uzbekistan

.VA Vatican City State (Holy See)

.VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

.VE Venezuela

.VG Virgin Islands (British)

.VI Virgin Islands (U.S.)

.VN Viet Nam

.VU Vanuatu

.WF Wallis and Futuna Islands

.WS Samoa

.YE Yemen

.YT Mayotte

.YU Yugoslavia

.ZA South Africa

.ZM Zambia

.ZR Zaire

.ZW Zimbabwe

.COM US Commercial

.EDU US Educational

.GOV US Government

.INT International

.MIL US Military

.NET Network

.ORG Non-Profit Organization

.ARPA Old style Arpanet

.NATO Nato field

Coding: HTML codes

HTML chart
Need this sometimes!

Character Friendly Code Numerical Code Hex Code Description
A A A A Capital A
a a a a Lowercase A
À À À À Capital A-grave
à à à à Lowercase A-grave
Á Á Á Á Capital A-acute
á á á á Lowercase A-acute
    Capital A-circumflex
â â â â Lowercase A-circumflex
à à à à Capital A-tilde
ã ã ã ã Lowercase A-tilde
Ä Ä Ä Ä Capital A-umlaut
ä ä ä ä Lowercase A-umlaut
Å Å Å Å Capital A-ring
å å å å Lowercase A-umlaut
Ā   Ā Ā Capital A-macron
ā   ā ā Lowercase A-macron
Ă   Ă Ă Capital A-breve
ă   ă ă Lowercase A-breve
Ą   Ą Ą Capital A-ogonek
ą   ą ą Lowercase A-ogonek
Ǟ   Ǟ Ǟ Capital A-diaeresis and macron
ǟ   ǟ ǟ Lowercase A-diaeresis and macron
Ǻ   Ǻ Ǻ Capital A-acute ring
ǻ   ǻ ǻ Lowercase A-acute ring
Æ Æ Æ Æ Capital AE Ligature
æ æ æ æ Lowercase AE Ligature
Ǽ   Ǽ Ǽ Capital AE Ligature-acute
ǽ   ǽ ǽ Lowercase AE Ligature-acute
B B B B Capital B
b b b b Lowercase B
  Ḃ Ḃ Capital B-dot
  ḃ ḃ Lowercase B-dot
C C C C Capital C
c c c c Lowercase C
Ć   Ć Ć Capital C-acute
ć   ć ć Lowercase C-acute
Ç Ç Ç Ç Capital C-cedilla
ç ç ç ç Lowercase C-cedilla
Č   Č Č Capital C-hachek
č   č č Lowercase C-hachek
Ĉ   Ĉ Ĉ Capital C-circumflex
ĉ   ĉ ĉ Lowercase C-circumflex
Ċ   Ċ Ċ Capital C-dot
ċ   ċ ċ Lowercase C-dot
D D D D Capital D
d d d d Lowercase D
  Ḑ Ḑ Capital D-cedilla
  ḑ ḑ Lowercase D-cedilla
Ď   Ď Ď Capital D-hachek
ď   ď ď Lowercase D-hachek
  Ḋ Ḋ Capital D-dot
  ḋ ḋ Lowercase D-dot
Đ   Đ Đ Capital D-stroke
đ   đ đ Lowercase D-stroke
Ð Ð Ð Ð Capital Eth (Icelandic)
ð ð ð ð Lowercase Eth (Icelandic)
DZ or Dz   DZ or &498; DZ or Dz Capital DZ Ligature
dz   dz dz Lowercase DZ Ligature
DŽ or Dž   DŽ or Dž DŽ or Dž Capital DZ-hachek
dž   dž dž Lowercase DZ-hachek
E E E E Capital E
e e e e Lowercase E
È È È È Capital E-grave
è è è è Lowercase E-grave
É É É É Capital E-acute
é é é é Lowercase E-acute
Ě   Ě Ě Capital E-hachek
ě   ě ě Lowercase E-hachek
Ê Ê Ê Ê Capital E-circumflex
ê ê ê ê Lowercase E-circumflex
Ë Ë Ë Ë Capital E-umlaut
ë ë ë ë Lowercase E-umlaut
Ē   Ē Ē Capital E-macron
ē   ē ē Lowercase E-macron
Ĕ   Ĕ Ĕ Capital E-breve
ĕ   ĕ ĕ Lowercase E-breve
Ę   Ę Ę Capital E-ogonek
ę   ę ę Lowercase E-ogonek
Ė   Ė Ė Capital E-dot
ė   ė ė Lowercase E-dot
Ʒ   Ʒ Ʒ Capital Ezh
ʒ   ʒ ʒ Lowercase Ezh
Ǯ   Ǯ Ǯ Capital Ezh-hachek
ǯ   ǯ ǯ Lowercase Ezh-hachek
F F F F Capital F
f f f f Lowercase F
  Ḟ Ḟ Capital F-dot
  ḟ ḟ Lowercase F-dot
ƒ   ƒ ƒ Lowercase F-hook
  ff ff Lowercase FF Ligature
  fi fi Lowercase FI Ligature
  fl fl Lowercase FL Ligature
  ffi ffi Lowercase FFI Ligature
  ffl ffl Lowercase FFL Ligature
  ſt ſt Lowercase FT Ligature
G G G G Capital G
g g g g Lowercase G
Ǵ   Ǵ Ǵ Capital G-acute
ǵ   ǵ ǵ Lowercase G-acute
Ģ   Ģ Ģ Capital G-cedilla
ģ   ģ ģ Lowercase G-cedilla
Ǧ   Ǧ Ǧ Capital G-hachek
ǧ   ǧ ǧ Lowercase G-hachek
Ĝ   Ĝ Ĝ Capital G-circumflex
ĝ   ĝ ĝ Lowercase G-circumflex
Ğ   Ğ Ğ Capital G-breve
ğ   ğ ğ Lowercase G-breve
Ġ   Ġ Ġ Capital G-dot
ġ   ġ ġ Lowercase G-dot
Ǥ   Ǥ Ǥ Capital G-stroke
ǥ   ǥ ǥ Lowercase G-stroke
H H H H Capital H
h h h h Lowercase H
Ĥ   Ĥ Ĥ Capital H-circumflex
ĥ   ĥ ĥ Lowercase H-circumflex
Ħ   Ħ Ħ Capital H-stroke
ħ   ħ ħ Lowercase H-stroke
I I I I Capital I
i i i i Lowercase I
Ì Ì Ì Ì Capital I-grave
ì ì ì ì Lowercase I-grave
Í Í Í Í Capital I-acute
í í í í Lowercase I-acute
Î Î Î Î Capital I-circumflex
î î î î Lowercase I-circumflex
Ĩ   Ĩ Ĩ Capital I-tilde
ĩ   ĩ ĩ Lowercase I-tilde
Ï Ï Ï Ï Capital I-umlaut
ï ï ï ï Lowercase I-umlaut
Ī   Ī Ī Capital I-macron
ī   ī ī Lowercase I-macron
Ĭ   Ĭ Ĭ Capital I-breve
ĭ   ĭ ĭ Lowercase I-breve
Į   Į Į Capital I-ogonek
į   į į Lowercase I-ogonek
İ   İ İ Capital I-dot
ı   ı ı Lowercase I-dotless
IJ   IJ IJ Capital IJ Ligature
ij   ij ij Lowercase IJ Ligature
J J J J Capital J
j j j j Lowercase J
Ĵ   Ĵ Ĵ Capital J-circumflex
ĵ   ĵ ĵ Lowercase J-circumflex
K K K K Capital K
k k k k Lowercase K
  Ḱ Ḱ Capital K-acute
  ḱ ḱ Lowercase K-acute
Ķ   Ķ Ķ Capital K-cedilla
ķ   ķ ķ Lowercase K-cedilla
Ǩ   Ǩ Ǩ Capital K-hachek
ǩ   ǩ ǩ Lowercase K-hachek
ĸ   ĸ ĸ Small Capital K
L L L L Capital L
l l l l Lowercase L
Ĺ   Ĺ Ĺ Capital L-acute
ĺ   ĺ ĺ Lowercase L-acute
Ļ   Ļ Ļ Capital L-cedilla
ļ   ļ ļ Lowercase L-cedilla
Ľ   Ľ Ľ Capital L-hachek
ľ   ľ ľ Lowercase L-hachek
Ŀ   Ŀ Ŀ Capital L-middle dot
ŀ   ŀ ŀ Lowercase L-middle dot
Ł   Ł Ł Capital L-stroke
ł   ł ł Lowercase L-stroke
LJ or Lj   LJ or Lj LJ or Lj Capital LJ Ligature
lj   lj lj Lowercase LJ Ligature
M M M M Capital M
m m m m Lowercase M
  Ṁ Ṁ Capital M-dot
  ṁ ṁ Lowercase M-dot
N N N N Capital N
n n n n Lowercase N
Ń   Ń Ń Capital N-acute
ń   ń ń Lowercase N-acute
Ņ   Ņ Ņ Capital N-cedilla
ņ   ņ ņ Lowercase N-cedilla
Ň   Ň Ň Capital N-hachek
ň   ň ň Lowercase N-hachek
Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Capital N-tilde
ñ ñ ñ ñ Lowercase N-tilde
ʼn   ʼn ʼn Lowercase N-apostrophe (before)
Ŋ   Ŋ Ŋ Capital Eng
ŋ   ŋ ŋ Lowercase Eng
NJ or Nj   NJ or Nj NJ or Nj Capital NJ Ligature
nj   nj nj Lowercase NJ Ligature
O O O O Capital O
o o o o Lowercase O
Ò Ò Ò Ò Capital O-grave
ò ò ò ò Lowercase O-grave
Ó Ó Ó Ó Capital O-acute
ó ó ó ó Lowercase O-acute
Ô Ô Ô Ô Capital O-circumflex
ô ô ô ô Lowercase O-circumflex
Õ Õ Õ Õ Capital O-tilde
õ õ õ õ Lowercase O-tilde
Ö Ö Ö Ö Capital O-umlaut
ö ö ö ö Lowercase O-umlaut
Ō   Ō Ō Capital O-macron
ō   ō ō Lowercase O-macron
Ŏ   Ŏ Ŏ Capital O-breve
ŏ   ŏ ŏ Lowercase O-breve
Ø Ø Ø Ø Capital O-slash
ø ø ø ø Lowercase O-slash
Ő   Ő Ő Capital O-double acute
ő   ő ő Lowercase O-double acute
Ǿ   Ǿ Ǿ Capital O-acute slash
ǿ   ǿ ǿ Lowercase O-acute slash
ΠΠΠΠCapital OE Ligature
œ œ œ œ Lowercase OE Ligature
P P P P Capital P
p p p p Lowercase P
  Ṗ Ṗ Capital P-dot
  ṗ ṗ Lowercase P-dot
Q Q Q Q Capital Q
q q q q Lowercase Q
R R R R Capital R
r r r r Lowercase R
Ŕ   Ŕ Ŕ Capital R-acute
ŕ   ŕ ŕ Lowercase R-acute
Ŗ   Ŗ Ŗ Capital R-cedilla
ŗ   ŗ ŗ Lowercase R-cedilla
Ř   Ř Ř Capital R-hachek
ř   ř ř Lowercase R-hachek
ɼ   ɼ ɼ Lowercase R-Long leg
S S S S Capital S
s s s s Lowercase S
Ś   Ś Ś Capital S-acute
ś   ś ś Lowercase S-acute
Ş   Ş Ş Capital S-cedilla
ş   ş ş Lowercase S-cedilla
Š   Š Š Capital S-hachek
š   š š Lowercase S-hachek
Ŝ   Ŝ Ŝ Capital S-circumflex
ŝ   ŝ ŝ Lowercase S-circumflex
  Ṡ Ṡ Capital S-dot
  ṡ ṡ Lowercase S-dot
ſ   ſ ſ Lowercase S-long
ß ß ß ß Lowercase SZ Ligature
T T T T Capital T
t t t t Lowercase T
Ţ   Ţ Ţ Capital T-cedilla
ţ   ţ ţ Lowercase T-cedilla
Ť   Ť Ť Capital T-hachek
ť   ť ť Lowercase T-hachek
  Ṫ Ṫ Capital T-dot
  ṫ ṫ Lowercase T-dot
Ŧ   Ŧ Ŧ Capital T-stroke
ŧ   ŧ ŧ Lowercase T-stroke
Þ Þ Þ Þ Capital Thorn
þ þ þ þ Lowercase Thorn
U U U U Capital U
u u u u Lowercase U
Ù Ù Ù Ù Capital U-grave
ù ù ù ù Lowercase U-grave
Ú Ú Ú Ú Capital U-acute
ú ú ú ú Lowercase U-acute
Û Û Û Û Capital U-circumflex
û û û û Lowercase U-circumflex
Ũ   Ũ Ũ Capital U-tilde
ũ   ũ ũ Lowercase U-tilde
Ü Ü Ü Ü Capital U-umlaut
ü ü ü ü Lowercase U-umlaut
Ů   Ů Ů Capital U-ring
ů   ů ů Lowercase U-ring
Ū   Ū Ū Capital U-macron
ū   ū ū Lowercase U-macron
Ŭ   Ŭ Ŭ Capital U-breve
ŭ   ŭ ŭ Lowercase U-breve
Ų   Ų Ų Capital U-ogonek
ų   ų ų Lowercase U-ogonek
Ű   Ű Ű Capital U-double acute
ű   ű ű Lowercase U-double acute
V V V V Capital V
v v v v Lowercase V
W W W W Capital W
w w w w Lowercase W
  Ẁ Ẁ Capital W-grave
  ẁ ẁ Lowercase W-grave
  Ẃ Ẃ Capital W-acute
  ẃ ẃ Lowercase W-acute
Ŵ   Ŵ Ŵ Capital W-circumflex
ŵ   ŵ ŵ Lowercase W-circumflex
  Ẅ Ẅ Capital W-umlaut
  ẅ ẅ Lowercase W-umlaut
X X X X Capital X
x x x x Lowercase X
Y Y Y Y Capital Y
y y y y Lowercase Y
  Ỳ Ỳ Capital Y-grave
  ỳ ỳ Lowercase Y-grave
Ý Ý Ý Ý Capital Y-acute
ý ý ý ý Lowercase Y-acute
Ŷ   Ŷ Ŷ Capital Y-circumflex
ŷ   ŷ ŷ Lowercase Y-circumflex
Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Capital Y-umlaut
ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ Lowercase Y-umlaut
Z Z Z Z Capital Z
z z z z Lowercase Z
Ź   Ź Ź Capital Z-acute
ź   ź ź Lowercase Z-acute
Ž   Ž Ž Capital Z-hachek
ž   ž ž Lowercase Z-hachek
Ż   Ż Ż Capital Z-dot
ż   ż ż Lowercase Z-dot

Coding: ASCII table

ASCII table
I just like to have an ASCII table handy.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Display Friendly Code Numerical Code Hex Code Description
    	 	 Horizontal Tab
  Line feed
!   ! ! Exclamation point
" " " " Double quote
#   # # Number sign
$   $ $ Dollar sign
%   % % Percent sign
& & & & Ampersand (and sign)
'   ' ' Single quote
(   ( ( Left parenthesis
)   ) ) Right parenthesis
*   * * Asterisk (star)
+   + + Plus
,   , , Comma
-   - - Minus (hyphen)
.   . . Period
/   / / Forward slash
0   0 0 Zero
1   1 1 One
2   2 2 Two
3   3 3 Three
4   4 4 Four
5   5 5 Five
6   6 6 Six
7   7 7 Seven
8   8 8 Eight
9   9 9 Nine
:   : : Colon
;   &#59; &#x3B; Semi-colon
< &lt; &#60; &#x3C; Less-than sign
=   &#61; &#x3D; Equal sign
> &gt; &#62; &#x3E; Greater-than sign
?   &#63; &#x3F; Question mark
@   &#64; &#x40; At-sign
A   &#65; &#x41; Capital a
B   &#66; &#x42; Capital b
C   &#67; &#x43; Capital c
D   &#68; &#x44; Capital d
E   &#69; &#x45; Capital e
F   &#70; &#x46; Capital f
G   &#71; &#x47; Capital g
H   &#72; &#x48; Capital h
I   &#73; &#x49; Capital i
J   &#74; &#x4A; Capital j
K   &#75; &#x4B; Capital k
L   &#76; &#x4C; Capital l
M   &#77; &#x4D; Capital m
N   &#78; &#x4E; Capital n
O   &#79; &#x4F; Capital o
P   &#80; &#x50; Capital p
Q   &#81; &#x51; Capital q
R   &#82; &#x52; Capital r
S   &#83; &#x53; Capital s
T   &#84; &#x54; Capital t
U   &#85; &#x55; Capital u
V   &#86; &#x56; Capital v
W   &#87; &#x57; Capital w
X   &#88; &#x58; Capital x
Y   &#89; &#x59; Capital y
Z   &#90; &#x5A; Capital z
[   &#91; &#x5B; Left square bracket
\   &#92; &#x5C; Back slash
]   &#93; &#x5D; Right square bracket
^   &#94; &#x5E; Caret
_   &#95; &#x5F; Underscore
`   &#96; &#x60; Grave accent
a   &#97; &#x61; Lowercase a
b   &#98; &#x62; Lowercase b
c   &#99; &#x63; Lowercase c
d   &#100; &#x64; Lowercase d
e   &#101; &#x65; Lowercase e
f   &#102; &#x66; Lowercase f
g   &#103; &#x67; Lowercase g
h   &#104; &#x68; Lowercase h
i   &#105; &#x69; Lowercase i
j   &#106; &#x6A; Lowercase j
k   &#107; &#x6B; Lowercase k
l   &#108; &#x6C; Lowercase l
m   &#109; &#x6D; Lowercase m
n   &#110; &#x6E; Lowercase n
o   &#111; &#x6F; Lowercase o
p   &#112; &#x70; Lowercase p
q   &#113; &#x71; Lowercase q
r   &#114; &#x72; Lowercase r
s   &#115; &#x73; Lowercase s
t   &#116; &#x74; Lowercase t
u   &#117; &#x75; Lowercase u
v   &#118; &#x76; Lowercase v
w   &#119; &#x77; Lowercase w
x   &#120; &#x78; Lowercase x
y   &#121; &#x79; Lowercase y
z   &#122; &#x7A; Lowercase z
{   &#123; &#x7B; Left curly brace
|   &#124; &#x7C; Vertical bar
}   &#125; &#x7D; Right curly brace
~ &tilde; &#126; &#x7E; tilde
   &#127; &#x7F; Not defined
  &#128; &#x80; Euro
   &#129; &#x81;  Unknown
&sbquo; &#130; &#x82; Single low-quote
ƒ   &#131; &#x83; Function symbol (lowercase f with hook)
&dbquo; &#132; &#x84; Double low-quote
  &#133; &#x85; Elipsis
&dagger; &#134; &#x86; Dagger
&Dagger; &#135; &#x87; Double dagger
ˆ   &#136; &#x88;  Hatchek
&permil; &#137; &#x89; Per million symbol
Š   &#138; &#x8A; Capital esh
&lsaquo; &#139; &#x8B;  Left single angle quote
Œ   &#140; &#x8C; OE ligature
   &#141; &#x8D; Unknown
Ž   &#142; &#x8E; Capital ž
   &#143; &#x8F;  Unknown
   &#144; &#x90;  Unknown
&lsquo; &#145; &#x91; Left single-quote
&rsquo; &#146; &#x92; Right single-quote
&ldquo; &#147; &#x93; Left double-quote
&rdquo; &#148; &#x94; Right double-quote
  &#149; &#x95; Small bullet
&ndash; &#150; &#x96; En dash
&mdash; &#151; &#x97; Em dash
˜ &tilde &#152; &#x98;  Tilde
&trade; &#153; &#x99; Trademark
š   &#154; &#x9A; Lowercase esh
&rsaquo; &#155; &#x9B;  Right single angle quote
œ   &#156; &#x9C; oe ligature
   &#157; &#x9D; Unknown
ž   &#158; &#x9E;  Lowercase ž
Ÿ &Yuml; &#159; &#x9F; Uppercase y-umlaut
  &nbsp; &#160; &#xA0; Non-breaking space
¡ &iexcl; &#161; &#xA1; Inverted exclamation point
¢ &cent; &#162; &#xA2; Cent
£ &pound; &#163; &#xA3; Pound currency sign
¤ &curren; &#164; &#xA4; Currency sign
¥ &yen; &#165; &#xA5; Yen currency sign
¦ &brvbar; &#166; &#xA6; Broken vertical bar
§ &sect; &#167; &#xA7; Section symbol
¨ &uml; &#168; &#xA8; Umlaut (Diaeresis)
© &copy; &#169; &#xA9; Copyright
ª &ordf; &#170; &#xAA; Feminine ordinal indicator (superscript lowercase a)
« &laquo; &#171; &#xAB; Left angle quote
¬ &not; &#172; &#xAC; Not sign
­  &shy; &#173; &#xAD; Soft hyphen
® &reg; &#174; &#xAE; Registered sign
¯ &macr; &#175; &#xAF; Macron
° &deg; &#176; &#xB0; Degree sign
± &plusmn; &#177; &#xB1; Plus/minus sign
² &sup2; &#178; &#xB2; Superscript 2
³ &sup3; &#179; &#xB3; Superscript 3
´   &#180; &#xB4; Acute accent
µ &micro; &#181; &#xB5; Micro sign
&para; &#182; &#xB6; Pilcrow sign (paragraph)
· &middot; &#183; &#xB7; Middle dot
¸ &cedil; &#184; &#xB8; Cedilla
¹ &sup1; &#185; &#xB9; Superscript 1
º &ordm; &#186; &#xBA; Masculine ordinal indicator (superscript o)
» &raquo; &#187; &#xBB; Right angle quote
¼ &frac14; &#188; &#xBC; One quarter fraction
½ &frac12; &#189; &#xBD; One half fraction
¾ &frac34; &#190; &#xBE; Three quarters fraction
¿ &iquest; &#191; &#xBF; Inverted question mark
À &Agrave; &#192; &#xC0; A grave accent
Á &Aacute; &#193; &#xC1; A accute accent
 &Acirc; &#194; &#xC2; A circumflex
à &Atilde; &#195; &#xC3; A tilde
Ä &Auml; &#196; &#xC4; A umlaut
Å &Aring; &#197; &#xC5; A ring
Æ &AElig; &#198; &#xC6; AE ligature
Ç &Ccedil; &#199; &#xC7; C cedilla
È &Egrave; &#200; &#xC8; E grave
É &Eacute; &#201; &#xC9; E acute
Ê &Ecirc; &#202; &#xCA; E circumflex
Ë &Euml; &#203; &#xCB; E umlaut
Ì &Igrave; &#204; &#xCC; I grave
Í &Iacute; &#205; &#xCD; I acute
Î &Icirc; &#206; &#xCE; I circumflex
Ï &Iuml; &#207; &#xCF; I umlaut
Ð &ETH; &#208; &#xD0; Eth
Ñ &Ntilde; &#209; &#xD1; N tilde (enye)
Ò &Ograve; &#210; &#xD2; O grave
Ó &Oacute; &#211; &#xD3; O acute
Ô &Ocirc; &#212; &#xD4; O circumflex
Õ &Otilde; &#213; &#xD5; O tilde
Ö &Ouml; &#214; &#xD6; O umlaut
× &times; &#215; &#xD7; Multiplication sign
Ø &Oslash; &#216; &#xD8; O slash
Ù &Ugrave; &#217; &#xD9; U grave
Ú &Uacute; &#218; &#xDA; U acute
Û &Ucirc; &#219; &#xDB; U circumflex
Ü &Uuml; &#220; &#xDC; U umlaut
Ý &Yacute; &#221; &#xDD; Y acute
Þ &THORN; &#222; &#xDE; Thorn
ß &szlig; &#223; &#xDF; SZ ligature
à &agrave; &#224; &#xE0; a grave
á &aacute; &#225; &#xE1; a acute
â &acirc; &#226; &#xE2; a circumflex
ã &atilde; &#227; &#xE3; a tilde
ä &auml; &#228; &#xE4; a umlaut
å &aring; &#229; &#xE5; a ring
æ &aelig; &#230; &#xE6; ae ligature
ç &ccedil; &#231; &#xE7; c cedilla
è &egrave; &#232; &#xE8; e grave
é &eacute; &#233; &#xE9; e acute
ê &ecirc; &#234; &#xEA; e circumflex
ë &euml; &#235; &#xEB; e umlaut
ì &igrave; &#236; &#xEC; i grave
í &iacute; &#237; &#xED; i acute
î &icirc; &#238; &#xEE; i circumflex
ï &iuml; &#239; &#xEF; i umlaut
ð &eth; &#240; &#xF0; eth
ñ &ntilde; &#241; &#xF1; n tilde
ò &ograve; &#242; &#xF2; o grave
ó &oacute; &#243; &#xF3; o acute
ô &ocirc; &#244; &#xF4; o circumflex
õ &otilde; &#245; &#xF5; o tilde
ö &ouml; &#246; &#xF6; o umlaut
÷ &divide; &#247; &#xF7; Division symbol
ø &oslash; &#248; &#xF8; o slash
ù &ugrave; &#249; &#xF9; u grave
ú &uacute; &#250; &#xFA; u acute
û &ucirc; &#251; &#xFB; u circumflex
ü &uuml; &#252; &#xFC; u umlaut
ý &yacute; &#253; &#xFD; y acute
þ &thorn; &#254; &#xFE; thorn
ÿ &yuml; &#255; &#xFF; y umlaut

Tab: Turn the Page - Metallica

Guitar solo w/slide by Kirk Hammett (Metallica) (Prelude to Turn the Page, live from the Garage tour, N.Y. 1999) If you havent heard it, its a spooky,far-out cowboy-doodle. (imagine the two duelists just about to draw the guns in a wild-west town, blood red sky as the sun sets, the ravens circles high above and..yada yada.yada...you get the picture) Tabbed in an hour by Eivind F., eivind256 at hotmail dot com (may not be perfect, but i wanna save my vid-tape so i can watch it later too! maybe i'll update it.) Not extremely well performed, but has many moody licks (Kirk also fucks badly up at one point.then again, i've never before seen Kirk play live with a slide) I'm definitively stealing this piece of snack, it just needs a minor face-lift! Legend: ~ means hold note and vibrate it s means slide from note JUST prior to the s or from anywhere (you must really judge that on the spot) offcourse theres alot of 'ghost notes', but they'll come naturally and one more thing, at the double string slides, you must usually accuentate(?) one of the notes, usually the highest one. Play with delay, medium distortion and the tone switch upwards.(The soft,filtered tone) I use effect no. F1 with delay on the Zoom 505 effect box for this one.

                          ? goes fast, maybe just one 12s10  
e ---------------------12-12s10 12s10----12~~-----
b -----------------s12-12-------------10s12~~-----
g -4s9~~-9s7-7s9~~--------------------------------
d -----------7s9~~--------------------------------
a ------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------
   (vol swell on 4s9)

e -s15-s15~~-s17-s17~~-19~~-s12s10----12~~--------
b ---------------------------------10s12~~--------
g ------------------------------------------------
d ------------------------------------------------
a ------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------

e -12---------------------------------------------
b ---12-------------------------------------------
g -----12s7--9~~-7s9-7s9-7s9~~-9s7---7s9~~--------
d ---------7s9~~---------7s9~~-----9-7s9~~--------
a ------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------

ah! really a nice measure!
e -----------------------------------------
b -8s5-5s3---------------------------------
g ---------4s7-7s5-------------------------
d -----------------7-----------------------
a -------------------5s7~~-7s5------s7~~---
E ----------------------------5s7-0--------

oops, Kirk *very rarely* fucks up like this! (the stupid MTV camera man just did'nt catch what happened, ofcourse)

e ------12~~~---???---------------------------------------------
b -s12-(12)~~--?---?--------------------------------------------
g ----------------?--(lots of noise)----------------------------
d ---------------?--drop guitar in floor to achieve the sound!--
a --------------------------------------------------------------
E ---------------?----------------------------------------------
(Kirk blinked, grinned a "oh no!!, why now while i was really in it?!" type of grin,but continued!)

e ------------------------------------------------
b ------------------------------------------------
g -----9s12~~-s12-s12-s12-12s9--------------------
d -7s9-------------------------7s9~~--------------
a ------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------

e ------------------------------------------------
b -------8s7-----7--------------------------------
g -----9-----7s9--7s9s7---s9-s9~~-----------------
d -7s9------------------9-------------------------
a ------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------

e ------------------------------------------------
b -------8~~-s10-s10-s10--------------------------
g -----9-----------------9s7-7s9~-----------------
d -7s9-----------------------7s9~-----------------
a ------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------

e ------------------------------------------------
b -------8s7-----7--------------------------------
g -----9-----7s9--7s9s7---s9-s9~~-----------------
d -7s9------------------9-------------------------
a ------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------

e ------------------------------------------------
b ------------------------------------------------
g -s9~~-7-----------------------------------------
d -------s6s4-------------------------------------
a ------------s7s5s7------------------------------
E -------------------5s7-0------------------------

e ----12----12---12~~-12--------------------------
b -s12---s12---s12~~----12------------------------
g ------------------------12s7-7s9~~--------------
d -----------------------------7s9~~--------------
a ------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------

Tab: People are strange - Doors

People are Strange - The Doors Not complete! Tabbed: Eivind F 1999
e -------------------------------------------------------------
b -------------------------------------------------------------
g ----------------0-0---------2-0---------2-----0--------------
d --------------2-----------2-----------2---0h2----------------
a 2-0---------2-------2-1-0-------2-1-0-----0-----0-1-2---0-2--
E ----3b1/4-0-------------------------------------------2-----0

e -------------------------------------
b -------------------------------------
g -------------0---------2-0---------2-
d -----------2---------2-----------2---
a -2-0-----2-----2-1-0-------2-1-0-----
E -----3-0-----------------------------