Request: Identify song

Unknown song
Can you help me identify this song? It's from "Nat Geo Wild HD UK pre-launch Promo 2009" Please respond! I need to get the sheets for this and arrange for guitar.


Art: ASCII torus

                                   .='  ' .`/,/!(=)Zm.           
                     .._,,._..  ,-`- `,\ ` -` -`\\7//WW.         
                ,v=~/.-,-\- -!|V-s.)iT-|s|\-.'   `///mK%.        
              v!`i!-.e]-g`bT/i(/[=.Z/m)K(YNYi..   /-]i44M.       
            v`/,`|v]-DvLcfZ/eV/iDLN\D/ZK@%8W[Z..   `/d!Z8m       
           //,c\(2(X/NYNY8]ZZ/bZd\()/\7WY%WKKW)   -'|(][%4.      
         ,\\i\c(e)WX@WKKZKDKWMZ8(b5/ZK8]Z7%ffVM,   -.Y!bNMi      
         /-iit5N)KWG%%8%%%%W8%ZWM(8YZvD)XN(@.  [   \]!/GXW[      
        / ))G8\NMN%W%%%%%%%%%%8KK@WZKYK*ZG5KMi,-   vi[NZGM[      
       i\!(44Y8K%8%%%**~YZYZ@%%%%%4KWZ/PKN)ZDZ7   c=//WZK%!      
      ,\v\YtMZW8W%%f`,`.t/bNZZK%%W%%ZXb*K(K5DZ   -c\\/KM48       
      -|c5PbM4DDW%f  v./c\[tMY8W%PMW%D@KW)Gbf   -/(=ZZKM8[       
      2(N8YXWK85@K   -'c|K4/KKK%@  V%@@WD8e~  .//ct)8ZK%8`       
      =)b%]Nd)@KM[  !'\cG!iWYK%%|   !M@KZf    -c\))ZDKW%`        
      YYKWZGNM4/Pb  '-VscP4]b@W%     'Mf`   -L\///KM(%W!         
      !KKW4ZK/W7)Z. '/cttbY)DKW%     -`  .',\v)K(5KW%%f          
      'W)KWKZZg)Z2/,!/L(-DYYb54%  ,,`, -\-/v(((KK5WW%f           
            '*%%%%8%8WK\)[/ZmZ/Zi]!/M%%%%@f\ \Y/NNMK%%!          
              'VM%%%%W%WN5Z/Gt5/b)((cV@f`  - |cZbMKW%%|          
                 'V*M%%%WZ/ZG\t5((+)L\'-,,/  -)X(NWW%%           
                      `~`MZ/DZGNZG5(((\,    ,t\\Z)KW%@           

Tech: My computer rig

Mainboard: MSI K9A2+
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 64 6000+
PSU: Corsair 750
RAM: 4GB Kingston HyperX 8500 RAM
GFX: 2x Sapphire Radeon 2600 HD (Crossfire)
HDD: 2x Samsung 160GB HD
Display: 2x NEC 1700NX LCD monitors
OS: Linux/WinXP
Case: A+


Music: Master of Puppets

This is me playing the interlude in Master of Puppets (Metallica). I put down 4 tracks and mixed it in CoolEdit 2.

Download (~800k zipped mp3)

Tab: Still loving you - Scorpions

Wind of Changes (Scorpions)
Acoustic intro

Just heard it on the radio, and i wanna write it down before i forget this nice tune from memory

By E.F.

e ---8----------8------8-------11-10-8-----
b -----10---------10-----10-------10---10----
g --------9---------9-------9-----------------
d -------------------------------------------
a -0----------8--------9--------------------
E -----------------------------------------

e ---8---------8----7-----10----------
b -----10-------------9---9------------
g --------9-10----------9---------------
d ---------------------------------
a -8--------------7------------------
E ---------------------------------
Anyway it sounds like a good doodle.

Travel: Google Earth spots

Hello, world!
Check out some spots I've found using maps.google.com!

For sale: Guitars!

My Morgan and Squire guitars are for sale. Money will be spent on a new video camera!

Check out my guitars here!

I won't ship overseas so I guess the buyer has to be from Norway. Make a comment if you're interested.

I want NOK 1300 for each; they have new strings and was just serviced by a professional guitar tech in Notodden, Norway. (Yes, thats where the blues festival is)

They both have tremolo bars. If you buy both, you get a free softcase! You'll also get some free picks if you need! The guitar tech claimed that the Squire was better than the Morgan, but I beg to differ. At least the Morgan has better sound, the Squire might be easier to play for beginners.

The Squire is sold!

Tips: Guitar rig

Guitar Hero, not Guitar Queero

It's 2010 and I got myself a couple of new guitars. One acoustic Yamaha and one electric guitar. Both used. Also, there's a few new tabs! So here's the list of my guitar rig:

Ltd. ESP F202

This Korea-model F-202 has EMG-HZ mics,24 jumbo frets and a Floyd Rose licenced bridge. Sounds great, feels heavy and good but cost me around 600 bucks (4500 NOK)! I can't belive instruments are so expensive. Even the crappiest ones are expensive!

Effect gear, picks & stuff

I've got an original Hendrix CryBaby, an Ibanez Distortion box and a Flanger box hooked up too. For picks I prefer the green Dunlop .85mm ones. They give a good combo of bounce and bend on the strings. Here's my pick collection, wich is nothing special. I'm using .85mm green Dunlops at the moment. I started out on the red .5mm ones, then advanced to orange, then yellow and now green! The blue one is just too thick. You can also see my capo, the slide and Floyd Rose tuner wrench on top of the green picks. Oh yeah, and a chromatic tuner.


A lovely sounding guitar, got it for a discount because it had to be glued.


My previous, and 3rd electric guitar, a Morgan 'Legend' series that cost me about $250 new. My first guitar was in the same price class, namely an Aria Pro. Belive me when I say that your next cheap guitar should be a Morgan. It's got the same quality as a $500+ guitar. It's body is made of nice and heavy woodwork, with a layer of dark-colored wood for fretboard. Don't know the tree type. It has good mics, keeps the tone and tuning and doesn't break after falling over a few times ! The other two sounds like pieces of plastic. (Which they are too I think)


I guess it's an OK guitar, I just couldn't get to know it.

And here's my wife's Fender bass:

I used to use Blue Steel .10 strings for a long time, they are really solid. Seems they don't sell them anymore around here, so now I use D'Adario. They used to break all the time when I had them before I discovered Blue Steel. Seems they fixed their quality now! They both sound OK, though. I had a cheap 40W Peavey amp that had really good sound, but it broke after I puked in it one very drunk night. Got a Vajia Music GF-30 now as an emergency amp, wich doesn't quite sound right in the low spectrum.

Announce: Typos

Under Construction! I am trying to bloggerize many older posts from my old website (eivind256.statghost.com). There might be some broken links. Please report and comment!

Coding: Graftal snowtree

Recursive deterministic graftal algorithm

This nice algorithm that I found in Computer Graphics: Principles & Practice inspired me to implement it. I it will generate a set of data that you can parse to construct a tree-like graphics structure. This algorithm is bases on a alphabet of 6 symbols:

The algorithm shall use those 6 symbols to mutate a starting-axiom into a full tree. These are the two simple rules of this sorta game-of-life:

To initialize the algorithm, you must choose a starting axiom. Following the rules indicates that 'A' is not a good choice, since that will only produce new 'A's. (A->AA). Therefore we choose 'B' wich will tranform into A(B)AA[B] and produce a standard pattern to generate the tree off. This is the produce string after just ONE recursion.

This is the string buffer after two runs. When implementing this algorithm, it is recommended to have overflow-safe stacks and buffers!. Now it is up to you to parse the tree and make the drawing happen. When parsing the tree after generating it, the 6 symbols have the current meaning: A and B(nodes) = continue to draw in current direction; [ and ) means rotate left; ] and ( means rotate right.

Basically you want two char[] buffers so as to render from buffer 1 to buffer 2 and from 2 to 1 in the next iteration. Remember that the buffer is filled up at a exponential rate. (In this picture, snowfall was also simulated). This code of mine implements it. (Never ask me about that code)

Tech: Win2k/XP folder tricks

Redesign you Explorer! In Win2000 (and I belive XP too), you can customize the look of all your folders. This is great for special folders that you use often. I discovered a little trick with this; if you load in the folder.htt file in a texteditor, you will see that it is just a DHTML wich controls everything in that folder. You can modify this script to do whatever you want; I used it to have a javascript scroller in the webview of some special folders as you can see here:

Tech: Hacking Win2k,XP

Introduction Here is a rundown of some of the most useful utilities and programs. These things are usually the first things I install after a fresh install.
Commandline heaven Out of the box, Windows doesn't provide many commandline tools and possibilities. But you can very easily turn you commandline into an almost linux-like shell. First of all, get this shell extension that lets you enter a directory in commandline mode from anywhere in Explorer. Just unzip and right-click and select Install.
Some small, helpful binaries Now get a package from SourceForge called 'UnxUtils' wich is an archive of *nix utilities ported to Windows. You will get all kinds of neat utilities, like grep, wget, ls, whoami, gunzip, gzip, touch and etc. Unzip these file into some directory (I just made a directory called 'bin' somewhere and unzipped them all there).
Second, get the PSTools Suite package from SysInternals. This is some other neat commandline utils, including psinfo.exe wich is very helpful with revealing things like security patches you have installed, activation status, uptime, etc. Just unzip these into the same dir as UnxUtils.
Third, you can get Microsofts's Windows Resource kit wich also has heaps of utilities. I haven't messed with it yet, as I belive they are mostly meant for server environments.
There are lots of other cool cmdline utils as well (like UPX, unace, nmap) and I just throw them all into the same directory.
Setting it up Now you should add the path to this directory in My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Environment->System Variables in the PATH entry.This will ensure you have access to this bin from anywhere on the system. Make sure all CMD windows are closed before you click apply.
Commandline power
Third, for extended commandline control and batch file programming, get 4DOS(for 9x) or 4NT for XP/2K. This will provide an alternative shell (which will integrate nicely with Explorer menu) you can use to make all kinds of neat scripts and to make a more customizeable command line shell. An example of a script I made with 4NT is here.
Another approach
For the adventurous, you can install the whole Cygwin installation, wich is a *nix emulation layer for Windows. With this you will have access to almost anything *nix has, like the GCC compiler, VIM & EMACS editors and everything else.
Command line compilers If you just want a GCC compiler you can get DJGPP, MinGW or DevCPP (comes with an IDE too, though you do not need to use it.). Note that these compilers does not come with the exact same headers and libs as a true *nix compiler or Cygwin. They are ported to Win32 to be used as native compilers.
Power Tools GUI/System behaviour
A few other tools you will like is the infamous TweakUI wich lets you configure a whole deal of stuff that is really annoying on a freshly installed Windows box. To mention a few things: Remove arrows from shortcuts, configure the 'New' context menu in Explorer and Repair Icons.

Windows Startup Lots of programs (and trojans as well) decides they should be auto-started when entering the Windows desktop, and they usually won't put themself in the startup-menu on the Start-menu. They usually place themself in various spots in the Windows registry. Here you can configure what apps should start. Get Startup Control Panel, one of mlin.net's range of very useful utilities. There's also an utility included with XP (not sure about 2K, you might need to download it) called MSConfig.(Start Menu->Run->msconfig) This provides further peeking into some system settings and startup programs.
Security Immidiate steps after a fresh OS install
These days, you will want to protect you computer against all sorts of malicious attacks. First and foremost, you must ensure that your system is up to date with the latest Service Packs and security patches (hotfixes). If you do not already have some kind of firewall, either software or hardware, make sure you install that before even connecting the freshly installed computer to the Internet. Use an already secure computer to get a software firewall before connecting to Windows Update for servicepacks/hotfixes. If you don't, you will be infected even before Windows Update manages to patch up your system ! :/ I personally find Zonelab's ZoneAlarm to be helpful and easy to configure. (Get the free Personal edition) You should also disable the Universal Plug and Play service in XP as soon as you install is complete. This service is prone to attacks and also keeps port 5000 open. There's an utility for it here.

Antivirus After this is done, you should get an antivirus package, such as Norton, AVG, FSecure, or Kaspersky. Install now. Most of these AV's has a free version for private use. Wich one you choose would be difficult to say, they all have pro's and cons wich I leave to you to research.
Spyware and popupstoppers Now you should be fairly secure already, but to make it even more secure, get a popupstopper and a spyware remover. Personally I use Panicware's PopupStopper in conjuncton with the Google Toolbar to stop (potentially harmful) pop ups. Finally, you should get spyware removers/blockers such as Lavasoft's AdAware and Patrick M. Kolla's Spybot Search and Destroy. Make sure you get the two plugins as well for Spybot. Make sure you enable the Hosts-file locker and add in the blacklisted URL's that is built into Spybot. Also engage the 'System Lock', (It will leave a process called 'TeaTimer.exe' running, wich acts like a 'firewall' against the system registry, as well as protecting your browser against malicious plugins. You must allow/disallow changes and optionally check off 'Remember this choice' for later)
In my case, in addition to the latest SP and hotfixes, I am currently using 6 programs to ensure online security, ammounting to about 10 megs of RAM usage. That is a cheap price for a fairly secure system. I am never having problems as long as I keep reading news and keeping contact with other security oriented individuals.
In fact, I've been infected only 3 times in my whole computer career, and none of those were the infamous viruses, like Sasser, Blaster, Nimda etc. In two of the cases, I was solely responsible for it myself, by clicking at malicious links on IRC. (Worms that had infected trustworthy people, displaying a unsuspicious URL I was tempted to follow :)
Finetuning your OS First of all, I just want to thank Blackviper for his extensive documents on the fine tuning of Services in both 2K and XP. His site provides even more than that. Blackviper's site is here.Basically he is telling you what services are running in the background and wich of those you can disable to save CPU and memory. (As well as making you system more secure). I've used this site to fine tune both my 2K and XP boxes and it works like a charm.
But be sure to READ IT ALL BEORE MAKING MODIFICATIONS :D You could shut yourself out of your system if you fail his instructions.

Last, I just want to add that you could turn off a whole lot of special GUI effects (especially on XP), like menu fading, window animations etc. This can be done from Control Panel->Screen->Appearance->Effects and Advanced.(Under XP, I don't remember the exact place in 2K but it's possibly the same spot). I belive Blackviper has sections on how to minimize the graphics effects on his site too. This will save CPU and memory, as well as the actual time that these effects uses to show off themselves :D
Well, that's it for now. When you have worked your way trough these steps, you should end up with a faster, secure, versatile and more configurable Windows system.

Credits V1.02
Written by me, July 2004-2010 ©. Comments are welcome at eivind256 at hotmail dot com. Latest version of this document used to be found on it's official site but staghost removed my account. Do you have webspace for me? :D

Lore: 90's copyparties

(Updated May 17th 2012)

I was introduced to the scene sometime in the late 80's and a friend of mine knew a couple of coders that he introduced me to. They helped me step from BASIC to assembler, and after that I was hooked on coding. On aminet page, you can find some pruductions. The demo 'Response' got 2nd place at TG95. I my self won some animation compo with a funny and brutal stick-figure animation. (made in DeluxePaint II) This anim was called 'Kjell og Bjarne tar kvelden'. This anim actually exists in two versions: the original and an extended version. I don't even own a copy of these anims myself anymore, so I'd appreciate if someone could provide those anims in a PC-viewable format. If you by any chance should have this old IFF anim from the Amiga or more preferably a conversion to a PC format. (But even an MPG will do, like our runner-up in the demo compo in 1995. I made two versions, the first version were realeased on the Razor 1911/IMP 666 party in Arendal, Norway in 1993. I also won a Useless Utility compo with a program that made the user decide wether the monitor was color or b/w. Wow! My first group was the Mad Skull Crew; founded by me and the friend spoken of above. He used to call himself Raven. (RIP, he is now gone from this world) We had C64's with Action Replay and the Final Cartridge. We made some silly demos with these. I was member of Euroswap for a short time before I joined a bunch of Archimedes coders that knew Some people in Violence i teamed up with  ('You can't feel the beating!'). Then later I co-founded Avalon together with 3 friends. Avalon had as many as 10 members at the most. If you're an old scener who remembers the Crusaders and Cryptoburners and still like text based BBS's, we'we probably met, since I was on virtually every party in Scandinavia in the late 80's and early 90's.

1. Parallax+CNCD   11 136
2. Avalon          2  133 
3. The Black Lotus 10 110 

I'll post more pictures as i find them.

Tab: This Kids - UFO

UFO - "The Kids" (Live)- Guitar tab Venue: Roundhouse Theatre, London. Year: 1975 Guitar performed by Michael Schenker. Interpretation & solo tabbing by me  (c) 2009. Intro riff somewhat based on the tab by Charlie Coombs. Also took the lyrics. The album versions are much inferior to this flawless live performance! This has to be the best UFO recording ever. Standard guitar tuning. Distorted tone, some depth and maybe a tiny bit of delay. ~~~ = heavy vibrato tremolo = pick 16th h = hammer p = pull s = slide b = bend x = scratch Bluesy feel, add trills, vibrato and palm mutes as you wish, especially during the verses.

----7-7-7-7-----5-5-----------7-7-7-7 ----5-x-x-x-x-
----0-0-0-0-5-7-----7-5-3---- 0-0-0-0-5-7---x-x-x-x-


---7-7-7-7-----5-5-----------7-7-7-7 ----5-x-x-x-x-
---0-0-0-0-5-7-----7-5-3---- 0-0-0-0-5-7---x-x-x-x-

Verse riff
-------------------------------------- 4x

Kid's gettin' tired of hangin' around
So cocksure, thinkin' aloud
Can't get it in when you can't get it out
Sure ain't enough and there ain't no doubt

Intro riff again (last time)

----7-7-7-7-----5-5-----------7-7-7-7 ----5-x-x-x-x-
----0-0-0-0-5-7-----7-3-3---- 0-0-0-0-5-7---x-x-x-x-


---7-7-7-7-----5-5-----------7-7-7-7 ----5-x-x-x-x-
---0-0-0-0-5-7-----7-3-3---- 0-0-0-0-5-7---x-x-x-x-

Verse riff 
-------------------------------------- 4x

You can't stop a train with just a smile
Stop bein' a star only for a while
Hole in my pocket and a hole in my arm
All that's left when life's lost it's charm

Bridge buildup

                                 |   | Tremolo
---|-----------|    ---------------------------
---|-----------|    ---------------------------
---|-----------| 3x --------2------------------
---|-------4---|    --------2------------------
-4-|-4-4---2-4-|    -4---4--0----2h4p2---------
-2-|-2-2-----2-|    -2---2---------------------
 F#  F# F# B F#      F# F#  A
This could be for us just any other day

                                        ~~~~       ~~~~~  
---|-----------|    --------------------------------------------
---|-----------|    -------------2s14s4---17b19----------17b19--
---|-----------| 3x --------2----2s14s4-------------------------
---|-------4---|    --------2----2s14s4-------------------------
-4-|-4-4---2-4-|    -4---4--0-----------------------------------
-2-|-2-2-----2-|    -2---2--------------------------------------
 F#  F# F# B F#      F# F#  A 
So come on girl, we really got to get away

---|-----------|    --------------
---|-----------|    --------------
---|-----------| 3x --------2-----
---|-------4---|    --------2-----
-4-|-4-4---2-4-|    -4---4--0-----
-2-|-2-2-----2-|    -2---2--------
 F#  F# F# B F#      F# F#  A
     |   | Tremolo    |   | Tremolo    |   | Tremolo  
It's the only chance you'll ever have to take

                               |   | Tremolo
---|-----------|    ------------------------------
---|-----------|    ------------------------------
---|-----------| 3x --------2---------------------
---|-------4---|    --------2----------------s14s-
-4-|-4-4---2-4-|    -4---4--0--2h4p2--------------
-2-|-2-2-----2-|    -2---2------------------------
 F#  F# F# B F#      F# F#  A
Stayin' in this city will drive you insane

Verse riff 

Kid's gettin' tired of hangin' around
So cocksure, thinkin' aloud
Can't get it in when you can't get it out
Sure ain't enough and there ain't no doubt

Bridge buildup, going for solo part
                                |   | Tremolo
---|-----------|    -------------------------------
---|-----------|    -------------------------------
---|-----------| 3x --------2----------------------
---|-------4---|    --------2----------------------
-4-|-4-4---2-4-|    -4---4--0---2h4p2--------------
-2-|-2-2-----2-|    -2---2-------------------------
 F#  F# F# B F#      F# F#  A
Can't win or lose when there's little left to choose     
---|-----------|    ------------------------------------------------
---|-----------|    -------------2s14s4---------17-------17---------
---|-----------| 3x --------2----2s14s4---16b18----16b18----18-16s--
---|-------4---|    --------2----2s14s4-----------------------------
-4-|-4-4---2-4-|    -4---4--0---------------------------------------
-2-|-2-2-----2-|    -2---2------------------------------------------       
 F#  F# F# B F#      F# F#  A
Now til next year it'll always be the same
 F#  F# F# B F#  
                |   | Tremolo    |   | Tremolo    |   | Tremolo        
 3x --------2----------------------------------------------------------
     F# F#  A                                                          
The black back streets an people who don't know your name
---|-----------|    ----------------------------
---|-----------|    -------------2s14s4---------
---|-----------| 3x --------2----2s14s4---------
---|-------4---|    --------2----2s14s4---------
-4-|-4-4---2-4-|    -4---4--0-----------------2-
-2-|-2-2-----2-|    -2---2--------------------0-
 F#  F# F# B F#      F# F#  A
Go with the wind if it'll only carry you away 

Interlude to solo

                | Let ring            | Let ring
 | Palm mute  | | |    Palm mute    | | | Palm mute |        
-------------------------------------------------------- 2x

Nacking rifff same as interlude for the fisrt 4 bars.
               ~~~~ |            | Harmonics   

---2-2-2-2-----------|----------- 7x
     ~~~~~                               ~~~~


     |     | Tremolo  |          | Harmonics                 

-------------4b6- 3x



                 ~~~~~~~ | Harmonixs | 

-19b21 19b21b19---14h19p14-14h19p14-   



Key change in 4 bars solo (H)                                           
Backing riff                                
                | Let ring  
 | Palm mute  | | 

                | Let ring      
 | Palm mute  | |               

Key change in solo                                



---|---------|    ------------------------
---|---------|    ------------------------
---|-----4---| 3x ------4-----------------
---|-----4---|    ------4-----------------
-4-|-4-4-2-4-|    -4-4--2-----------------
-2-|-2-2---2-|    -2-2--------------------

---|---------|    --------------------------------- 
---|---------|    ---------------------------------
---|---------| 3x ------2---------------7----9-----
---|-----2---|    ------2------5-5--4---7----9-----
-2-|-2-2-0-2-|    -2-2--0------5-5--3---5----7-----
-0-|-0-0---0-|    -0-0---------3-3--3--------------


Video: Bryce3D rendering

Bryce3D renderings

A simple but kind of nice scene that did'nt take too long.

This one was difficult to get right, but the fog/shadow effect is cool.

Made with Carerra (Bryce 6).

Abstract 3D anim

Aircraft flying trough a city.


Trading: Metallica bootlegs

More Metallica Bootlegs
Here's a photo of some of my Metallica bootleg collection.
I've got atleast 20-30 covers/inlays with DVD's in them and around 20-30 new shows since last post! Please visit my trading page (URL in link below). Earlier bootleg picture post here.

Some of the audio directories!

And that's just the audio that I've sorted yet! I claim that i have the biggest Metallica bootleg collection in Norway.


Tab: Carpe Diem - Metallica

Metallica: CARPE DIEM BABY off reLOAD Partially & bits & pieces tabbed by: Eivind eivind256 at hotmail dot com 20/11/1997. Not finished, obviously.
Notation legend: 
\12   = slide from nowhere to here 
12\   = slide from here to nowhere 
14~   = vibrato 
14b16 = bend at 14th fret till you reach the pitch of the 16th fret 
16b14 = prebend (if your'e not already there) to 16th pitch, release to 14th fret 
\\    = pick slide / 'move-left-hand-noise' (gotta play it *LOUD* to get the effect!!)) 
P.M.  = palm mute P.S. = pick slide WHILE playing notes 
N.H.  = natural harmonics 
A.H.  = artificial harmonics SOLO: (starts at ~03:20 ) 

   P.M. (here you gotta *gradually* palm mute it!


fast bit

Indian bit: Very delicate scale!!

                          __there is something wrong here..

               P.M. this note!

this bit is very fucked by effects...(muted strings,harmonics,palm muting... very possible that i made some mistakes here...

   N.H.    N.H.        N.H.   N.H.  N.H.  
   |  P.S. |                             
   (move pick attacks towards brigde)

(the muted strings almost sounds harmonics!)   
      P.M. this note!      




Tab: The Hunt - Sepultura

The Hunt as performed by Sepultura on Chaos AD Original by New Model Army on Ghost of Caine Tab by me (kind of based on Pronks tab, which was basically crap (sorry) I really like this tune; it easy to play, it rocks and its nice!! I learnt it in 5 minutes (or rather 10, since i had to figure out most of the song,the fillins and solo as well) You can also hear a faint accoustic guitar here and there, im not quite sure what it plays, but probably much the same as the el guitars. Standard drop-d tuning (Dadgbe) (wow..a sepultura song with just one downtuned string!!)
Riff A - Intro
a -------1-------1-----
D -0-2-3---0-2-3---2-3-

Riff B
a -------1-------0-----1-
D -0-2-3---2-3-0---2-3---

Riff C
                            (with palm muted D's as backing)

Riff D
These three chords for the verses,figure the strumming your self
g -10-9---------------
d -8--8-12------------
a -8--8--8-------------
D -8--8--8-------------

The fill ins: (with flange and delay)
Fill 1       Fill 2
e ----------|--------------------
b -11-11-11-|-------------11-----
g -14-12-10-|----12----12----12--
d ----------|-10---10------------

The "solo":
g ---------------------------------
d ----9-7----5-4----4-2------------
a -/7-----/5-----/2-----4-5-4------
D --------------------------------- (twice)

Solo Backing
d --9------4------4-----2----------
a --7------5------2-----0----------
D ---------------------------------

Riff E:
b -----------------------------|------------------------
g -3/5-5-8/5-8/5-5-5/8-8-8-8/3-|10-(of 331 at the end)--
d -3/5-5-8/5-8/5-5-5/8-8-8-8/3-|10----------------------
a -1/3-3-6/3-6/3-3-3/6-6-6-6/1-|8-----------------------
D -----------------------------|------------------------

Riff F
e ----------------------------------
b ----------5-----5-----8-----8-----
g ----------5-----5-----8-----8-----
d -5----5-5-5-5-5-5-8-8-8-8-8-8-----
a -5----3-3-3-3-3-3-6-6-6-6-6-6-----
D -5--------------------------------
        pm.   pm.   pm.   pm.

Riff G
e ---------------------------------
b ---------------------------------
g ---------------------------------
d -6-8-5-6-------1/5-------------
a -6-8-5-6-------1/5-------------
D -6-8-5-6-twice-1/5-------------

Riff H
d -----5-6------6-5------5-6---------------
a -5-5-5-6--6-6-6-5--5-5-5-6---------------
D -5-5-5-6--6-6-6-5--5-5-5-6---------------
   p.m      p.m      p.m

Riff I
The End:
a -----1-----0-----3---
D -5-5---5-5---5-5-5---
   p.m   p.m   p.m

I am not gonna do you folks a favour and type up
the lyrics as well, since they are not in the album. >:)
I have them rigth here in front of me, but its too much!

Tab: Someone - Hooverphonic

Hooverphonic / Someone Tabbed by me eivind256 at. hotmail .dott com Standard tuning.
Main lick:

E -------------------------
b -------0-----------------
g -----0------------0------
d ---2------------0--------
a -3------------3----------
e ------------4------------ (repeat lots)

Then comes some kind of interlude

E -----------------------------------
b -----------------------------------
g -----------------------------------
d --5b6---5b6--5b6---5b6---5b6--5b6--
a -3-----3----3----------------------
e ------------------4-----4----4-----
(the bends are not always complete, just wing it.)

And there is a solo too:
(played only on the a string, play with lots of tremolo)
a -3-s--5-6-s1---
E --------------- x2

a -3----5-6-s8---s10-11-10-13-s15-15b16-
E --------------------------------------
(continue bending and messing with 15b16 for a while)

a -s3--3-3-3-3-3-3-
E ----------------- x3

a -1b2-------------
E -----3-----------

a -----------------
E -3-3-3-3-3-3----- x3

Tab: Kaiowas - Sepultura

Disclaimer: This represents MY interpretation of the original. By me (efalkens@pcgrm.hia.no) on 18/11/1997 Please contact me about anything!! (email or ICQ) Oki.. here is the tab for the Kaiowas solo. It is done on a 12-stringer and its gonna sound a little puny on our 6-stringers, so I made up an additional alternative version to add some flavour to it. Hope you like it. (The transcription is done from memory, so mistakes are for you to correct! I know the song is drop-d tuned, but I cant remember if the song is completely downtuned.) BTW: does anybody have the tab for the old Abyss classic by Andreas???? I just cant get it rigth!




My "Havent got a 12-stringer version":
repeat 2 more times





Humor: IRC quotes

Online madness Here's some IRC quotes & other funny stuff (ascii art, memes, etc) assembled from like 1995 or so when I first got online. Before bash.org there was quotebots!
STAR TREK PLOTS: 1) Theres some sort of weird plague 2) Being of higher intelligence takes over the ship 3) Lost in the holodeck 4) The obligitory klingon episode 5) The obligitory borg episode 6) All about data 7) The dream episode 8) The episode where they are slacking off and make a montage of earlier episodes in a "time warp" plot
Quit: Hi, I'm a quit message virus. Please replace your old line with this line and help me take over the world of IRC Quit: Life is a sexually transmitted disease of which there is 100% fatality. Quit: I OWN YOU: A polite way of reminding someone that you killed them. Typically this is replied to with 'FUCKING CAMPING WHORE'which means 'Well done'
&ltlamer1> lamer2 your mamma so fat we need two bots to ban her &ltlamer2> heh
* lamer1 has joined #lamer2000 * lamer2 sets mode: +b *!*@*.no * lamer1 was kicked by lamer2 (nothing but spam and general lameness)
| |
| |<--------10' pole
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |--------------------------------> /me not touching

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<j0n> two people, /nick and /quit are on a boat. /nick falls off the boat. who's left on the boat? <skldhxr> muhaha <j0n> it works in newbie chans :P <afKay> rofl <afKay> nice <skldhxr> haha
[00:23] <jbaudio> Computer games don't affect kids. I mean if Pac Man had affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, bumping into people, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.'
<Vern> <Sui88> 67% of girls are stupid <Vern> <V-girl> i belong with the other 13%
<Raphael^^> between PMS and bad moods, we just simply don't care.
<zrv3tte00> makijng the band is the most pathetic mtv show ever <zrv3tte00> puff daddy thinks he's a real musician, so he makes a rap band up related to himself <zrv3tte00> ya think anyone of his friends sits him down and says "you no talent fucking dueche-bag loser punk ass trick....biggy would beat you over the head if he was still alive!!!!" <zrv3tte00> but nooo he has all yes-men...who toss his salad 24/7 <zrv3tte00> in the grand scheme of the universe his is fart in the universe
<QuantumG> this is more a c++ question btw.. people on #c++ might actually care, although it is unlikely
<starw|nd> hm.. when i include with the html, the table border gets broken, but nothing appears <Bazted> ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING GEEKS, STUPID NERDS!!!!!! <Bazted> ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING GEEKS, STUPID NERDS!!!!!! <Bazted> ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING GEEKS, STUPID NERDS!!!!!! <Bazted> ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING GEEKS, STUPID NERDS!!!!!! <Bazted> ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING GEEKS, STUPID NERDS!!!!!! <Bazted> ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING GEEKS, STUPID NERDS!!!!!! <Bazted> ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING GEEKS, STUPID NERDS!!!!!! <Bazted> ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING GEEKS, STUPID NERDS!!!!!! <Bazted> ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING GEEKS, STUPID NERDS!!!!!! <Bazted> ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING GEEKS, STUPID NERDS!!!!!! <Bazted> ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING GEEKS, STUPID NERDS!!!!!! ::: Mode (Phrix:#html +b *!*smoo@*.skyinet.net) <peasant> sigh... makes me feel young again... <starw|nd> well, meet a geek with +o
:: [#sweden] Topic: 'Medellängden på mannens penis är ~15cm. Vaginan tar in ~20 cm. Detta innebär att det finns ungefär 150km oknullat fitt utrymme i sverige! :)'
[4:37am] emj was kicked by Birgitte (banned: Spambots are not welcome) (%) Topic is ' [KtK] 12.18.01.Capitalism_II-FLT | Dumps Accepted 10/100mbit+ only /msg op- | NO !list/ratio/trades/banner/www/General Lame Shit' [4:54am] <NuBBeR> [/ctcp NuBBeR Get da shit ] Has A Open Spot Thanx To [starw|nd ] «~{Zy-Script 2.1}~» cont [2:27am] <Rainmaker> OMG [2:27am] <Rainmaker> THKYOU SO VERY MUCH [2:27am] <Zygote-> woohoo!
<Lundberg> My goodness. Is this place always this bad on a Saturday morning? <keksimlje> OMG PPL ASKING FOR HELP ON A JAVA ROOM, QUICK EVERYONE RUN <keksimlje> man stfu lundberg * boxedvoid sets mode: +b *!*@ * keksimlje was kicked by JVM (Banned)
<Mr|Dave|> queerty your mamma so fat we need two bots to ban her <QwErTy> heh
<gnuman> hmmm if MS goes through with the iLoo I swear then mac should release the iBrator <gnuman> it wouldn't be a bad idea ;)
* Furan changes topic to 'http://Winprog.NET | <juno303> I keep getting WM_CLUE but I don't know how to handle it'
-A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools - Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless-
<][aDEs> <zrv3tt3> ok...linux is made by linus....he makes fun of bill gates <zrv3tt3> he's a cool guy....linux is cool too <zrv3tt3> su is superuser <zrv3tt3> any questions? <starw|nd> lol <zrv3tt3> :P <grafz0re> HAHAHA
<Yuhjn> the reviews say that at 1920x1200 it's absolutly beautiful <Yuhjn> dvd's can be played widscreen cause it can handle the 16:10 aspect <starw|nd> how much for this blowjob? <Yuhjn> $1800 <Yuhjn> after shipping (%) [eloi] changes topic to '<starw|nd> how much for this blowjob? <Yuhjn> $1800 <Yuhjn> after shipping' <Yuhjn> just under 100 pounds... thats nuts <NotWord> heh <Yuhjn> :) <starw|nd> haha * [eloi] wonders how to ship a blowjob
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[16:35] <Kniht> everyone's a dick on irc, the men are men, the women are men, and the children are fbi [16:35] <Gambit-> Kniht, that's calcable. [16:35] <sun2k> haha [16:35] <Gambit-> calc dick [16:35] <CalcMe> no entry for "dick" [16:35] <Gambit-> There you og [16:35] <Kniht> calc fbi [16:35] <CalcMe> fbi = on irc the men are men, the women are men and the kids are fbi agents [16:35] <sun2k> FBI, get your hands of the keyboard and stand up SLOWLY !
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<kow`> "There are 10 types of people in the world... those who understand binary and those who don't." <SpaceRain> That's only 2 types of people, kow. <SpaceRain> STUPID
<studdud> what the fuck is wtf
*** Quits: TITANIC (Excess Flood)
<h|tler> HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU TELL THAT I'M 13 BY LOOKING AT WHAT I'M WRITEING?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
<Opcode> i was gonna call 911...but i was downloading a file
<liquidpla> oh ok, b/c i don't see a RTFM.h file
<PoseFant> sars was a wannabe disease ... <nostalg1c> systematic asian removal system
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Tab: The Abyss - Sepultura

The Abyss / Andreas Kisser (From Schizophrenia by Sepultura) Edited by Eivind F. (eivind256 at hotmail dot com) Built on the tab by Hellfire and Nomad. Original notes remain, as I do not have the CD anymore (stolen :-( I just got the .mp3 for the song and.... Its supposed to be downtuned half a step..and thats almost correct.. but unfortunately, Andreas plays an out-of-tune guitar here. I tuned down, it didnt work so i had to tune each string specifically for the song then i strummed a few chords.. yuck.. really out of tune, although its sounds fairly ok on the album. hrm. (Tsk.tsk...its their 3rd album....should have learned to tune their guitars by now!) News: I used Soundforge to up-tune the mp3! I Tuned it up 35/100 of a semitone which at least made the bass string in tune. Its a file called AbyssInTune.mp3 (well..not completely...some strings are relatively out of tune) but at least you wont need to retune your guitar! Intro: First bars open with fingerpicked chords (see the original for the details, this is easy anyway) Chords:
e  0       0
b  0       0
g  8       3
d  10      5
a  9       4
E  7  and  2
Just alternate between these two. Then comes the main melody. I just rewrote some of it to standard chords (i guess Andreas plays it more like this), the original was quite a weird thing for me to do. You'll notice that it'just to move up and down the neck with pretty much the same fingerpositions. Room for plenty of improvisations!
 Verse 1 (also, i tried to name the chords)
G+ ?    #Am      Bm      #Cm     Bmsus2   Gdim?
  0       1       2       3        4       5
e |-------|-------|-------|-------||-------|-----0-|
b |-------|-----2-|-3-2---|-5-----||---2---|-----2-|
g |-----3-|-3-4---|-----4-|---7-6-||-4---4-|-3-----|
d |---5---|-------|-------|-------||-------|-4-----|
a |-4-----|-1-----|-2-----|-4-----||-2-----|-------|
E |-2-----|-------|-------|-------||-------|-------|

ok i give up the nuances!, im no theory wizard

   D        #A       G      F#
   6         7    
e ||-------|r|-------|-------|-------|-------2-|
b ||-7-5---|e|-2-0---|-0-----|-----0-|-2-------|
g ||-----7-|p|-----0-|---0-3-|---3---|---3-----|
d ||-------|3|-------|-------|-4-----|-----4---|
a ||-5-----|&|-1-----|-------|-------|---------|
E ||-------|2|-------|-3-----|-2-----|-2-------|

Play 0...5,

e |--------|-------|--------|---------|------------|
b |--------|-----7-|-10-8-7-|---12-10-|------------|
g |------8-|-8-9---|--------|---------|----12-11-9-|
d |---10---|-------|--------|---------|------------|
a |-9------|-6-----|-7------|-9-------|-10---------|
E |-7------|-------|--------|---------|------------|

e |0-------0-0|------------------|------------|-------------|
b |--12-10-8-7|------------------|------------|-------------|
g |--12-11----|7-9-7-6-7-4-3-----|----0----0--|---7----6--4-|
d |-----------|--------------4-8-|-9-----9----|-9----8----4-|
a |-----------|9-----8-------7-9-|---9-9--9-9-|--9-9--9-9-5-|
E |0-------9--|------------------|-7----------|-7----6----7-|