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Metallica Roskilde 86 2nd gen complete

 Just had to grab the opportunity to grab one of the most prized Metallica bootlegs ever: The *complete 2nd gen copy* of the Roskilde 86 show. (The 1st gen is destined to go with the taper to the grave and will *never ever* be released.)
From the left:
Dual DVD transfers of Toronto and Quebec 86
Germany 85 Remade with multiple audio
The Green one there: 2n gen Roskilde DVD!

Some jewels: (From the left)
California: Anaheim 86 (Jasons's 2nd show, uncorrupted version)
New York: Uniondale 86 1st gen LPCM audio
Sweden, Frødalundborg: 1987 Remade with as much SBD as we could find

Various, including a Roam tour rehearsal proshot

And heres an overview of the whole collection
(Yeah right like I even printed out 10% of what i have) :) :) :)

Interested in trading: Check my trading list (a bit out of date, will update soonish as all the veterans are releasing their stuff before Metfuk goes down)

Leave a comment if you're interested!

Here's some more pics:


Tips: Guitar rig

Guitar Hero, not Guitar Queero

It's 2010 and I got myself a couple of new guitars. One acoustic Yamaha and one electric guitar. Both used. Also, there's a few new tabs! So here's the list of my guitar rig:

Ltd. ESP F202

This Korea-model F-202 has EMG-HZ mics,24 jumbo frets and a Floyd Rose licenced bridge. Sounds great, feels heavy and good but cost me around 600 bucks (4500 NOK)! I can't belive instruments are so expensive. Even the crappiest ones are expensive!

Effect gear, picks & stuff

I've got an original Hendrix CryBaby, an Ibanez Distortion box and a Flanger box hooked up too. For picks I prefer the green Dunlop .85mm ones. They give a good combo of bounce and bend on the strings. Here's my pick collection, wich is nothing special. I'm using .85mm green Dunlops at the moment. I started out on the red .5mm ones, then advanced to orange, then yellow and now green! The blue one is just too thick. You can also see my capo, the slide and Floyd Rose tuner wrench on top of the green picks. Oh yeah, and a chromatic tuner.


A lovely sounding guitar, got it for a discount because it had to be glued.


My previous, and 3rd electric guitar, a Morgan 'Legend' series that cost me about $250 new. My first guitar was in the same price class, namely an Aria Pro. Belive me when I say that your next cheap guitar should be a Morgan. It's got the same quality as a $500+ guitar. It's body is made of nice and heavy woodwork, with a layer of dark-colored wood for fretboard. Don't know the tree type. It has good mics, keeps the tone and tuning and doesn't break after falling over a few times ! The other two sounds like pieces of plastic. (Which they are too I think)


I guess it's an OK guitar, I just couldn't get to know it.

And here's my wife's Fender bass:

I used to use Blue Steel .10 strings for a long time, they are really solid. Seems they don't sell them anymore around here, so now I use D'Adario. They used to break all the time when I had them before I discovered Blue Steel. Seems they fixed their quality now! They both sound OK, though. I had a cheap 40W Peavey amp that had really good sound, but it broke after I puked in it one very drunk night. Got a Vajia Music GF-30 now as an emergency amp, wich doesn't quite sound right in the low spectrum.