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PandaCoin launch at Valentines day 2014


So for once, I got in on an Altcoin at launch date.

PandaCoin is a Vertcoin variant, and must be mined using the special edititons of CGMiner.
Vertcoins require a whopping 2GB on CudaMiner.

At diff 40, I pointed my miners at the newest pools and overnight I mined something like 40K PandaCoins.

Remember to use Vertminers!
Vertcoins will halve your usual Scrypt rate, wich again is half your SHA256 rate.
So your 1 MH/s rig does 250 Khash on a VTC algorithm. Dont be alarmed if you are not used to these numbers. It's normal.

Vert coins (VTC) are a newer type of coin that is designed to kill off any ASIC chips made for it every 6 months. And the memory requirements makes it nearly impossible to manufacture. So I believe that this coin is here to stay. It is Doge 2.0 they say, let hope so! I do keep some Doge miners on as well :)

TMB and Nitro's networks was DDOS'ed several times and left my failovers to regular VTC.

Some alternative PandaCoin pools:

This list will be updated as whenever I add more failovers to my setup.

Ofcourse, the mining pool i chose was a small one that grew quite a bit in the beginning, but we were plagued by bad luck and we only found 3 or 4 blocks. My biggest share was 59K PandaCoin.

I mined just short of 180k, which is not too shabby. I, for one, hope Panda is the new scrypt-n coin :)