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Metallica Roskilde 86 2nd gen complete

 Just had to grab the opportunity to grab one of the most prized Metallica bootlegs ever: The *complete 2nd gen copy* of the Roskilde 86 show. (The 1st gen is destined to go with the taper to the grave and will *never ever* be released.)
From the left:
Dual DVD transfers of Toronto and Quebec 86
Germany 85 Remade with multiple audio
The Green one there: 2n gen Roskilde DVD!

Some jewels: (From the left)
California: Anaheim 86 (Jasons's 2nd show, uncorrupted version)
New York: Uniondale 86 1st gen LPCM audio
Sweden, Frødalundborg: 1987 Remade with as much SBD as we could find

Various, including a Roam tour rehearsal proshot

And heres an overview of the whole collection
(Yeah right like I even printed out 10% of what i have) :) :) :)

Interested in trading: Check my trading list (a bit out of date, will update soonish as all the veterans are releasing their stuff before Metfuk goes down)

Leave a comment if you're interested!

Here's some more pics:


Link: Metallica bootlegs

Being a Metallica fanatic and bootleg collector, I've got an account over at Check out my extensive collection! Wanna trade something ? Let me know! I have about 400 Gb of Metallica FLACs and DVDs now, and of those I guess about 25 DVDs of them are put into nice looking DVD covers with art from Every case has one backup in it as well. Planning to print inlays for my FLAC CD's as well. Some specs for DVD covers: Width = 278mm (Width = 272mm + 3mm bleed left + 3mm bleed Right) Hight = 190mm (Hight = 184mm + 3mm bleed top + 3mm bleed bottom) Some specs for CD covers: Width = 127mm (Width = 121mm + 3mm bleed left + 3mm bleed Right) Hight = 126mm (Hight = 120mm + 3mm bleed top + 3mm bleed bottom) (Taken from this site) Remember to not buy slim covers! Here's some Metallica demo material for you to check out. If i should mention the essential top 3 Metallica bootleg material, it would be: 1. Moscow 1991. Superior performance, great sound, great solos, great voice. Perfect. 2. Uniondale 1986. Best sounding Cliff-era material on video in circulation. 3. The Real No Life Till Leather (Mustaine era, his Jump in the Fire solo kicks Kirk's ass) Bonus: 1. Exodus demo tapes from 1982 with founder Kirk Hammett!