Tab: Carpe Diem - Metallica

Metallica: CARPE DIEM BABY off reLOAD Partially & bits & pieces tabbed by: Eivind eivind256 at hotmail dot com 20/11/1997. Not finished, obviously.
Notation legend: 
\12   = slide from nowhere to here 
12\   = slide from here to nowhere 
14~   = vibrato 
14b16 = bend at 14th fret till you reach the pitch of the 16th fret 
16b14 = prebend (if your'e not already there) to 16th pitch, release to 14th fret 
\\    = pick slide / 'move-left-hand-noise' (gotta play it *LOUD* to get the effect!!)) 
P.M.  = palm mute P.S. = pick slide WHILE playing notes 
N.H.  = natural harmonics 
A.H.  = artificial harmonics SOLO: (starts at ~03:20 ) 

   P.M. (here you gotta *gradually* palm mute it!


fast bit

Indian bit: Very delicate scale!!

                          __there is something wrong here..

               P.M. this note!

this bit is very fucked by effects...(muted strings,harmonics,palm muting... very possible that i made some mistakes here...

   N.H.    N.H.        N.H.   N.H.  N.H.  
   |  P.S. |                             
   (move pick attacks towards brigde)

(the muted strings almost sounds harmonics!)   
      P.M. this note!      




Tab: The Hunt - Sepultura

The Hunt as performed by Sepultura on Chaos AD Original by New Model Army on Ghost of Caine Tab by me (kind of based on Pronks tab, which was basically crap (sorry) I really like this tune; it easy to play, it rocks and its nice!! I learnt it in 5 minutes (or rather 10, since i had to figure out most of the song,the fillins and solo as well) You can also hear a faint accoustic guitar here and there, im not quite sure what it plays, but probably much the same as the el guitars. Standard drop-d tuning (Dadgbe) (wow..a sepultura song with just one downtuned string!!)
Riff A - Intro
a -------1-------1-----
D -0-2-3---0-2-3---2-3-

Riff B
a -------1-------0-----1-
D -0-2-3---2-3-0---2-3---

Riff C
                            (with palm muted D's as backing)

Riff D
These three chords for the verses,figure the strumming your self
g -10-9---------------
d -8--8-12------------
a -8--8--8-------------
D -8--8--8-------------

The fill ins: (with flange and delay)
Fill 1       Fill 2
e ----------|--------------------
b -11-11-11-|-------------11-----
g -14-12-10-|----12----12----12--
d ----------|-10---10------------

The "solo":
g ---------------------------------
d ----9-7----5-4----4-2------------
a -/7-----/5-----/2-----4-5-4------
D --------------------------------- (twice)

Solo Backing
d --9------4------4-----2----------
a --7------5------2-----0----------
D ---------------------------------

Riff E:
b -----------------------------|------------------------
g -3/5-5-8/5-8/5-5-5/8-8-8-8/3-|10-(of 331 at the end)--
d -3/5-5-8/5-8/5-5-5/8-8-8-8/3-|10----------------------
a -1/3-3-6/3-6/3-3-3/6-6-6-6/1-|8-----------------------
D -----------------------------|------------------------

Riff F
e ----------------------------------
b ----------5-----5-----8-----8-----
g ----------5-----5-----8-----8-----
d -5----5-5-5-5-5-5-8-8-8-8-8-8-----
a -5----3-3-3-3-3-3-6-6-6-6-6-6-----
D -5--------------------------------
        pm.   pm.   pm.   pm.

Riff G
e ---------------------------------
b ---------------------------------
g ---------------------------------
d -6-8-5-6-------1/5-------------
a -6-8-5-6-------1/5-------------
D -6-8-5-6-twice-1/5-------------

Riff H
d -----5-6------6-5------5-6---------------
a -5-5-5-6--6-6-6-5--5-5-5-6---------------
D -5-5-5-6--6-6-6-5--5-5-5-6---------------
   p.m      p.m      p.m

Riff I
The End:
a -----1-----0-----3---
D -5-5---5-5---5-5-5---
   p.m   p.m   p.m

I am not gonna do you folks a favour and type up
the lyrics as well, since they are not in the album. >:)
I have them rigth here in front of me, but its too much!

Tab: Someone - Hooverphonic

Hooverphonic / Someone Tabbed by me eivind256 at. hotmail .dott com Standard tuning.
Main lick:

E -------------------------
b -------0-----------------
g -----0------------0------
d ---2------------0--------
a -3------------3----------
e ------------4------------ (repeat lots)

Then comes some kind of interlude

E -----------------------------------
b -----------------------------------
g -----------------------------------
d --5b6---5b6--5b6---5b6---5b6--5b6--
a -3-----3----3----------------------
e ------------------4-----4----4-----
(the bends are not always complete, just wing it.)

And there is a solo too:
(played only on the a string, play with lots of tremolo)
a -3-s--5-6-s1---
E --------------- x2

a -3----5-6-s8---s10-11-10-13-s15-15b16-
E --------------------------------------
(continue bending and messing with 15b16 for a while)

a -s3--3-3-3-3-3-3-
E ----------------- x3

a -1b2-------------
E -----3-----------

a -----------------
E -3-3-3-3-3-3----- x3

Tab: Kaiowas - Sepultura

Disclaimer: This represents MY interpretation of the original. By me (efalkens@pcgrm.hia.no) on 18/11/1997 Please contact me about anything!! (email or ICQ) Oki.. here is the tab for the Kaiowas solo. It is done on a 12-stringer and its gonna sound a little puny on our 6-stringers, so I made up an additional alternative version to add some flavour to it. Hope you like it. (The transcription is done from memory, so mistakes are for you to correct! I know the song is drop-d tuned, but I cant remember if the song is completely downtuned.) BTW: does anybody have the tab for the old Abyss classic by Andreas???? I just cant get it rigth!




My "Havent got a 12-stringer version":
repeat 2 more times





Humor: IRC quotes

Online madness Here's some IRC quotes & other funny stuff (ascii art, memes, etc) assembled from like 1995 or so when I first got online. Before bash.org there was quotebots!
STAR TREK PLOTS: 1) Theres some sort of weird plague 2) Being of higher intelligence takes over the ship 3) Lost in the holodeck 4) The obligitory klingon episode 5) The obligitory borg episode 6) All about data 7) The dream episode 8) The episode where they are slacking off and make a montage of earlier episodes in a "time warp" plot
Quit: Hi, I'm a quit message virus. Please replace your old line with this line and help me take over the world of IRC Quit: Life is a sexually transmitted disease of which there is 100% fatality. Quit: I OWN YOU: A polite way of reminding someone that you killed them. Typically this is replied to with 'FUCKING CAMPING WHORE'which means 'Well done'
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| |
| |<--------10' pole
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |--------------------------------> /me not touching

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[00:23] <jbaudio> Computer games don't affect kids. I mean if Pac Man had affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, bumping into people, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.'
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Tab: The Abyss - Sepultura

The Abyss / Andreas Kisser (From Schizophrenia by Sepultura) Edited by Eivind F. (eivind256 at hotmail dot com) Built on the tab by Hellfire and Nomad. Original notes remain, as I do not have the CD anymore (stolen :-( I just got the .mp3 for the song and.... Its supposed to be downtuned half a step..and thats almost correct.. but unfortunately, Andreas plays an out-of-tune guitar here. I tuned down, it didnt work so i had to tune each string specifically for the song then i strummed a few chords.. yuck.. really out of tune, although its sounds fairly ok on the album. hrm. (Tsk.tsk...its their 3rd album....should have learned to tune their guitars by now!) News: I used Soundforge to up-tune the mp3! I Tuned it up 35/100 of a semitone which at least made the bass string in tune. Its a file called AbyssInTune.mp3 (well..not completely...some strings are relatively out of tune) but at least you wont need to retune your guitar! Intro: First bars open with fingerpicked chords (see the original for the details, this is easy anyway) Chords:
e  0       0
b  0       0
g  8       3
d  10      5
a  9       4
E  7  and  2
Just alternate between these two. Then comes the main melody. I just rewrote some of it to standard chords (i guess Andreas plays it more like this), the original was quite a weird thing for me to do. You'll notice that it'just to move up and down the neck with pretty much the same fingerpositions. Room for plenty of improvisations!
 Verse 1 (also, i tried to name the chords)
G+ ?    #Am      Bm      #Cm     Bmsus2   Gdim?
  0       1       2       3        4       5
e |-------|-------|-------|-------||-------|-----0-|
b |-------|-----2-|-3-2---|-5-----||---2---|-----2-|
g |-----3-|-3-4---|-----4-|---7-6-||-4---4-|-3-----|
d |---5---|-------|-------|-------||-------|-4-----|
a |-4-----|-1-----|-2-----|-4-----||-2-----|-------|
E |-2-----|-------|-------|-------||-------|-------|

ok i give up the nuances!, im no theory wizard

   D        #A       G      F#
   6         7    
e ||-------|r|-------|-------|-------|-------2-|
b ||-7-5---|e|-2-0---|-0-----|-----0-|-2-------|
g ||-----7-|p|-----0-|---0-3-|---3---|---3-----|
d ||-------|3|-------|-------|-4-----|-----4---|
a ||-5-----|&|-1-----|-------|-------|---------|
E ||-------|2|-------|-3-----|-2-----|-2-------|

Play 0...5,

e |--------|-------|--------|---------|------------|
b |--------|-----7-|-10-8-7-|---12-10-|------------|
g |------8-|-8-9---|--------|---------|----12-11-9-|
d |---10---|-------|--------|---------|------------|
a |-9------|-6-----|-7------|-9-------|-10---------|
E |-7------|-------|--------|---------|------------|

e |0-------0-0|------------------|------------|-------------|
b |--12-10-8-7|------------------|------------|-------------|
g |--12-11----|7-9-7-6-7-4-3-----|----0----0--|---7----6--4-|
d |-----------|--------------4-8-|-9-----9----|-9----8----4-|
a |-----------|9-----8-------7-9-|---9-9--9-9-|--9-9--9-9-5-|
E |0-------9--|------------------|-7----------|-7----6----7-|