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More Rover 5 building

Got some new parts today from Robonor: (ty for quick shipping!)

* 9V to barrel adapters
* Breadboard buttons
* 10 and 50mm standoffs
* Breadboard cables
* Breadboard

Now I can mount both my Uno and Mega with separate breadboards on the Rover 5, and power them both from 9V, as well as having the built-in separate battery pack for the Rover. With two breadboards, I can now add more buttons and sensors too :)

The previous version of my Rover OS used a potmeter for menu selection, so this will make it a lot easier.

Now I just need to wait for some supplies from Robosavvy in the UK....

1 x IR compound eye 
1 x Dagu - 4 Channel DC Motor Controller with Encoder Support 
2 x SparkFun - Optical Detector / Phototransistor - QRD1114

....which should be here in around 2 weeks or so :) Then the Rover will actually be able to run!

Mean while, I have a ton of literally screwing around to do to get the optimal design and layout.


Working with Rover 5 and the top plate

Helping hand is configured as low as possible...

...low enough to keep a card in position over a 10 standoff

Tape over reserved holes, these are for mounting on the Rover

Now basically just move and twist whatever you want to mount and
have something that shines from behind so the holes will light up.
Tape will cover holes you can't use! 

So here's a motor controller, an Uno,a Mega and the whole baseblate + breadboard
mounted on a Rover 5